Whether you’re an avid fitness and health guru or looking to lose a few pounds, understanding the metrics behind your daily activity is an important way to adjust and/or maintain.

The Withings Activity Trackers are built to meet your needs and give you the motivation you need. Track your goal—be it increased elevation or simply challenging a friend—with one of their top-rated activity trackers, now up to 50 percent off!

1. Withings Activité Steel Activity Tracker Watch

Nothing is more important than your health. Moving more, feeling better and sleeping soundly are all vital elements to being your best self, so closely monitoring those stats is invaluable. This sleek-looking, water-resistant activity tracker automatically syncs to your smartphone in order to update your swims, walk, runs, sleep hours, and more. Since you’re looking to be on the move, you’ll love that this wireless, non-invasive gadget can last for up to eight months without ever plugging in or pressing a button.

With a functional, yet luxurious design, the Activité Steel Activity Tracker Watch has a stainless steel frame and silicon strap with an array of color selections. Visit the Urbo Shop to receive 50 percent off now and start tracking your health and fitness in style.

BUY NOW: $89.95; MSRP: $179.95

2. Withings Pulse O2 Activity Tracker

Your health goals may reach beyond simply tracking your movement, and you’ll need an Activity Tracker that takes your vital signs, distance, elevation and sleep cycle into account. This advanced activity tracker can help accelerate your overall health by giving you a closer look at what works for you and your body. It even measures your heart rate and blood oxygen level in a single click. 

Measure and analyze your metabolic and total calories, and automatically receive insights and suggestions to make informed health and fitness decisions. You can get the Pulse O2 Activity Tracker for 30 percent off in the Urbo store now!

BUY NOW: $69.95; MSRP: $99.95