This. Is. So. Cute.

Annabelle is a Jack Russell Terrier from Pennsylvania. She’d recently given birth to two puppies when her owner had a bit of a surprise!

When the puppies were only two weeks old, Anabelle’s owner, Kristie Sharar, found out about a couple of kittens who had lost *their* mom. She was a little worried about the sudden influx of baby animals, but she decided she couldn’t let the little guys go without a home.

Sharar was worried that the two pairs of siblings wouldn’t get along, or that Annabelle would be over-protective of her newborn pups. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only did Annabelle allow them into the pack, she even nurses the kittens. Sharar says that Annabelle might actually be more protective of the kittens than her own pups, since they’re a few weeks younger than the kitties and can’t stray as far.

She even carries them around in her mouth! Those kitties are going to turn out just fine. Check out the whole video here!