Saben the dog is obviously part of a loving family. He lounges on the leather sofa in the living room, seeming to have not a care in the world. However, as his owner approaches, he may be looking just a little bit guilty. He gives off a “woof” in hopes of distracting his owner’s attention as she approaches the couch. Was it an attempt to blame his crime on an intruder? Or possibly the cat? His owner closes in and he lays on the couch, refusing to meet her gaze. “Saben,” she asks. “Where’s my sandwich?” Saben looks anywhere but at his owner, not wanting to give away his crime. His owner continues to question him, “Saben, what’s in your mouth?”He finally turns to look at her and attempts an innocent expression. You can imagine him thinking, “Who me?” and “What sandwich? I haven’t seen any sandwiches around here. Just dog food for me.”


Continuing to strive for an innocent expression, Saben stares at his owner adoringly as she continues to question him. “Saben, are you hiding my sandwich in your mouth.” He still doesn’t own up to his crime. Finally she asks, “Saben, what’s this?” while pointing to the bulge in his lips. He looks away, as if realizing the game is up. He’s been discovered. After a few more seconds of attempted diversion, he spits out the entire sandwich onto the floor. He licks his lips and looks longingly at his lost prize as his owner picks up the soggy remains of the returned sandwich. Poor Saben. He tried so hard to hold onto his prize. Maybe he’ll learn to eat the sandwich a little faster next time.