4 Things You’ll Feel If You’ve Found The Man You Should Marry

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How will you know when you’ve found the one?

“You’ll just know.”


It sounds like a cliché, but after all, clichés are based in truth. There’s no right answer for every person, and if you’re seriously considering a lifelong commitment, you’ve probably already got an answer in the back of your head.

Still, we can explain some of those feelings that tend to pop up when you finally find the perfect guy. For instance:

1. You’ll feel like you can tell him anything.

You know how trust is the cornerstone of every relationship? When you’re able to truly trust your partner, you’ll understand why.


You’ll experience an incredible sense of freedom, since you’ll be able to open up to your partner without worrying about judgment. Likewise, you’ll be willing to listen without judging. You simply can’t overvalue that level of comfort.

2. You’ll suddenly know how to work through your differences.

We’re not saying that it’ll always be easy—relationships are hard work—but you’ll be able to construct an effective strategy for dealing with arguments when they come up. You may not “fight,” per se, or you might have the occasional blowout, but you won’t feel like the actual relationship is at risk.


When you’re not with the right person, this isn’t possible; every fight has the potential to send you your separate ways. You might find yourself harboring resentment over something that he said weeks ago, and each of his little quirks can get under your skin. These types of relationships are constantly in peril.

When you’ve met the right person, however, that threat is removed, and you’re able to approach your problems with logic and compassion. While you might become angry, upset, or disappointed with your partner, you’ll have built your relationship on a strong foundation, so the stakes don’t feel nearly as high.

3. You’ll love the idea of growing old together.

Nobody likes the idea of getting older, but if you’re excited by the prospect of watching your partner grow and change over time, that’s a great sign. In fact, when you’re choosing a partner for life, it’s pretty much essential.


In immature relationships, it’s difficult to think about the future, simply because you know (on some level) that you’ve got some growing to do. When you’re ready to settle down, the future doesn’t seem like such a scary place.

4. You’ll love developing your relationship together.

This might be the most important sign that you’re with the right person. It’s one thing to be willing to put in the work to make a relationship last; it’s another thing entirely to look forward to that work.


When you’re with the right person, you’ll want to put in work. You’ll want to become a better person, not out of self consciousness, but because you’re truly dedicated to your partner. You’ll look forward to every new day, because it’s a new opportunity to move your life forward—and when that happens, “you’ll just know.” Sometimes, clichés are pretty awesome.

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