On a first date, it may be tempting to open up to the other person, especially if things are going well. This is fine unless you reveal too much. Then things can turn sour quickly. No matter what you do, here are some things you should simply never bring up on a first date unless you’re intentionally trying to sabotage it.

1) How many partners you’ve had.

The last thing the other person wants to think about on a first date is the man or woman sitting across from them sleeping with another person. When you bring up the number of partners you’ve had, that’s exactly what they’ll do.

There’s also no “correct” number to have. If the number is too low, your date may worry about how good you are in bed. If the number is too high, they may worry that they’ll catch something from you. Just keep this number to yourself.

2) How badly you want to have children.

Unless you already have a child or children, it’s best to simply avoid this topic on the first date. If your constantly talking about your biological clock, it might seem to your date that you’re putting the cart way before the horse.

Your date may worry that you’re moving too quickly or just looking for someone, anyone, to settle down with to have children. This is a conversation that should be reserved for a couple when things are starting to get serious, not on the first date.

3) How much money you make.

If you’re doing well, you may be tempted to mention how much money you make or mention some expensive items you have. That’s just tacky.

It’s also a major problem if you happen to be on a date with a gold digger. The other person may realize you’re well-off and stay with you solely for your money. The last thing you want is someone who’s only dating you because of your bank account.

4) Your biggest problems or challenges.

The first date is a time to put your best foot forward. That means keeping some things to yourself, not spilling your guts upon meeting this new person.

Certainly, you should be proud of who you are and any issues that you’ve overcome. But on the first date, no one wants to hear about your health struggles, your trouble connecting emotionally, etc. Reserve that for a little bit down the road when your date knows you a little bit better.

5) Anything involving an ex.

There’s nothing worse than listening to a date bad mouth an ex on the first date. It instantly makes the person wonder if, in the future, you’ll be badmouthing them to another person.

More importantly, it also shows that you clearly aren’t over this ex. If you can drone on and on about what a jerk this person was, it shows that you still have feelings for them. That’s a huge dealbreaker for any new relationship.

6) Criticisms of your date’s appearance.

You may think the tie he wore is ugly, or you may think the dress she has on is a bit too revealing. You’re totally entitled to these opinions. However, the last thing you want to do is criticize your date the first time you meet. Comments about the other person’s looks should be reserved solely for compliments, nothing else. Even if you say it in a joking manner, it can come across as really mean.