7 Things You Missed While Watching ‘Mommy Dead And Dearest’

Mommy Dead and Dearest tells the true story of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blancharde, a fascinating tale of Munchausen syndrome by proxy leading to murder. This HBO documentary is a truly captivating film that leaves viewers speechless. Because the story is so gripping, you may have actually missed some details about this infamous family. Here are just a few things you may have missed upon first viewing.

1) Mailing the murder weapon proves the couple knew the murder was wrong.

The documentary seems to suggest that Gypsy and Nicholas Godejohn didn’t have the full mental capacity to know that killing Gypsy’s mother, Dee Dee, was wrong. Gypsy suffered from abuse for years while Godejohn was on the Autism spectrum and had some mental issues.


But the fact that they disposed of the weapon by mailing it to Wisconsin shows that they were aware what they did was wrong. Concealment of the crime goes a long way in proving that they were aware that they had done something horrible.

2) Gypsy and Dee Dee’s joint Facebook page is still active.

If you want to see how the page looked on the night of the murder, you can view it yourself. It’s active, but is now a “Remembering” page, implying that there won’t be any more updates on that page.

Remembering Dee Gyp Blancharde/Facebook

3) Far from being slow, Gypsy was actually quite an intelligent child.

At age one, we see a video of Gypsy understanding the words “cranial” and “phalanges,” correctly pointing to those parts of her body. Had she not been abused and prevented from learning by her mother, it seems likely that Gypsy would have been an advanced student in school.

4) Gypsy’s childhood abuse still impacts her behavior.

When her father visits her in prison, Gypsy’s parting words are “I’ll be a good girl.” That’s what she used to say to her mother when she was in trouble. It’s clear that even though Dee Dee is dead, her abuse still lingers in Gypsy’s consciousness.


5) Even though she was watched closely by her mother, Gypsy was able to lead a secret life.

Gypsy had set up another Facebook page, created a profile on the Christian dating site where she met Godejohn, and was somehow able to save thousands of dollars that the couple used when fleeing after the murder. She may have acted unintelligent, but she was clearly a smart girl.

Remembering Dee Gyp Blancharde/Facebook

6) Hurricane Katrina provided cover for the mother’s lies.

The family came from Louisiana before settling in Missouri. When doctors asked for Gypsy’s medical records, she claimed that they were lost in Katrina. This was a plausible explanation that allowed her to make up a variety of illness for her child.

7) It was always apparent that Gypsy wasn’t paralyzed.

When a person is paralyzed, especially from birth as Dee Dee claimed Gypsy was, they lose muscle mass in their legs. Gypsy, however, had muscles that you would typically see in a person who was ambulatory. At least one doctor noted this in his examination of Gypsy. It should’ve been apparent to all the doctors who examined her that the child was secretly walking.


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