At one point or another, you’ve surely encountered a dessert that was so sensationally stylish you couldn’t help but utter the phrase, “These are too pretty to eat!” Inevitably, the gorgeousness gets gobbled down anyway because it would be a crime to let a sweet treat of any kind go to waste!

Chef Judit Czinkne Poor, otherwise known as Mezesmanna, creates stunning culinary creations all the time, but if it were not for pictures there would be no proof of that because they don’t last for long! Poor’s one of kind creations are cute as a button and possibly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. She doesn’t simply frost her cookies, she dresses them in inspired designs. 

As you’ll see, they look like the embroideries and dollies used to decorate homes. If you can make it through all of these incredibly appetizing images without salivating then you deserve a cookie (but good luck finding one as cute as these)! 

1. Mezesmanna created THIS totally freehand. 

2. Her steadiness is insanely impressive!

3. But it’s her attention to detail that might just be the most mind-blowing characteristic of these cookies.

4. She doesn’t just bake; she creates. Aside from ensuring every batch is just as delicious as the last, she puts a lot of thought into the design aesthetic of each assortment. For example, she carefully incorporated a splash of color into the group of 10 cookies pictured below.

5. Again, this isn’t stencil work that you’re seeing. The fact that it looks like it was created using a template is a nod to Mezesmanna’s extraordinary, artistic gift! 

6. If you’re more of a cake person, don’t worry—she makes those too!  

7. It’s incredible how uncannily her icing work resembles household staples. This elegant edible looks like a piece of painted china. 

8. This one looks like a beautiful postcard, with just enough empty space to pen a sweet message—of course, the message couldn’t possibly be as sweet as the cookie itself!

9. Cloaking her cookies in edible embroidery is definitely her signature style. 

10. Her artistry is so delicate and intricate in appearance it’s hard to believe her flowers and leaves are all…icing! 

11. Her embroidery approach was inspired by her childhood in Hungary, where she commonly encountered this art form. 

12. Lace-making was common in Hungary as well, and Mezesmanna has found the tastiest way possible to keep tradition alive. 

13. When her creations are placed against a black backdrop, they truly look like whimsical, country chic wall art. They’re homey! 

14. Every design she finishes is striking. It’s evident that she adores experimentation!

15. She uses what is called a wet-on-wet technique, which is also often used in the creation of oil paintings. Like the name suggests, one layer of icing is applied and immediately topped with another while the first is still damp. (Check out this YouTube video to watch this technique in action!)

16. If you’re feeling inspired, try the technique out for yourself! Mezesmanna starts out with simple shapes when creating her mouthwatering murals. 

17. The only challenging part about eating these would be resisting the urge to gush about them while your mouth is full of cookie!