Air travel can be the worst. Where to start when planning which airline to book?

Whether it’s seemingly endless delays, cramped seats, or less-than-stellar food, airline travel seems to be getting worse and worse. But there are some diamonds in the rough, says AirHelp, a company that assists passengers in making legal claims against airlines for delays.AirHelp analyzed 34 airlines based on three criteria: quality performance, delay time, and claim processing. They then gave each airline a rating from 1 to 10 based on the three criteria.

AirHelp’s Top 10 Best Airlines list is a good place to start when planning your next trip.

Of course, no airline is perfect. But you may want to consider these “Top 10 Airlines in the World” when booking your next trip. Qatar Airways scored best, with a 8.9 rating, while Finland’s Finnair and British Airways rounded-out the top 10 list with scores of 7.8. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t report the worst airline, according to AirHelp. That would be Portugal’s Sata International, which scored a rather mediocre 5.2.

What about airlines from the United States?

United States-based airlines neither made the top 10 nor the bottom 10, according to AirHelp. So, if you’re booking a U.S. airline for your next trip, expect an “average” experience. As for us, we’re considering a vacation to Qatar. Where is that, again?