This is one of those kind of things that probably belongs in the archives of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Not only is the story bizarre, but the photos also look like something from a movie set. 

When two fishermen from the Philippines discovered an abandoned yacht floating in the water, they decided to investigate. Not long after boarding the ship, the two men found something they’ll never forget: the mummified remains of German adventurer Manfred Bajorat.

It appears that Bajorat passed away while sailing and the environmental conditions at the time preserved his body in a mummified state. Scientists say that the warm salty air combined with the hot temperatures and constant breeze made this possible. In a way, he wasn’t so much mummified as he was turned to stone. 

At the time of the discovery, Bajorat’s body was found sitting in the galley next to a group of old photos. 

Watch the video for more on this eerie discovery.