Reddit user Carlinha1289 posted this touching story about a secret her father has kept for more than a decade.

“When I was 16,” the Redditor wrote, “right around prom time, I decided that I wanted to wax my legs. I mean, I obviously didn’t want to have missed spots and I wanted my legs to be smooth and whatnot.

“My dad was very hesitant. He first said no, not yet, but as prom was approaching I became more and more insistent and he just said fine, that he’d do some research and book an appointment.

“He held his word and a few days later, I had an appointment with the sweetest waxer I’ll probably ever meet. My dad had ONE condition: no upper legs. We convinced him to do a couple inches from my knees, because… Dresses and skirts, but not more than that.”

Prom was over 10 years ago for Redditor Carlinha1289. She continued going to the same waxer until she moved away about five years later. The Reddit writer returned home recently and made an appointment with her old waxer, who said she had a secret to tell.

“She told me that before my first appointment, my dad had called her and booked an appointment for himself. He spoke to her about her techniques and whatnot. He requested a full leg shave and she was happy to oblige.

“After he was done, he told her that he really didn’t enjoy any of it but that his 16 year old daughter wanted to get her legs waxed and that he wanted to try it first.” After his wax, satisfied with the beautician’s work, the father booked an appointment for his daughter.

There was more to the story, though, the esthetician explained: “He called the very next day saying he had bruising on his upper legs and that it hurt. The waxer said it was possible and somewhat common, so he vetoed the upper leg for me.”

“The thing is that back then,” u/Carlinha1289 explained in the comment thread following her touching story, “I totally thought it WAS a ‘nah, no need to wax upper legs, you’re not having sex, ARE YOU?’ I just never questioned it because it didn’t bother me that much.”

“O.M.G,” the Redditor reflected. “The thing is, this is exactly like my dad. It’s something he would do and it’s something he’d probably never ever tell me he did. It was just another reminder of how thoughtful he is and always was.”

Within just two days, this story has been upvoted some 42,000 on Reddit. u/Carlinha1289 has been actively engaged in the comments thread following her initial post. She responded to one comment by sharing another similar story of her fantastic father looking out for her:

“He always hid things of the sort. Once I had a sky winter activity with school. I had never been skiing and I was super nervous about it. My dad handled it like a pro and took me skiing the weekend before I went to reassure me. Turns out he had never skied before and paid for lessons for both of us but just told the instructor to focus on me.”

“It’s just how he is.”

It sounds like he’s got a great sense of humor, too. U/Carlinha1289 told another commenter, “I called him on my way home from my appointment and told him what the waxer confessed and all he could say was; at least you don’t have a chest to wax, I don’t think I could have handled that one.”

Here’s to you, Reddit dad! Excellent undercover work!