Anthony Senecal, 74, has been the master of Donald Trump’s lavish Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, for 30 years. 

Mar-a-Lago, which Trump turned into a private club shortly after he purchased the property in 1985, was constructed 90 years ago by cereal heiress Majorie Merriweather Post.  The 118-room, Mediterranean-style resort includes a gigantic ballroom, spa, tennis courts, cabanas, and a private beach. As you can probably imagine, Senecal has witnessed a lot of Trump’s eccentric quirks during his time at the massive estate.

According to Senecal, Trump (who he refers to as “king”) rises every day around 4 a.m. after only a few hours of sleep. Trump’s first priority each morning is to read a variety of newspapers to keep himself informed about current events around the world. Although Trump enjoys golf, Senecal revealed that it’s important to pay attention to what the GOP frontrunner is wearing when he steps out of his private quarters. According to Senecal, when Trump wears a white hat that indicates that he’s in a good mood. However, when he dons a red hat, chances are high that he’s in a bad mood and people should probably keep their distance. On occasion, Trump will randomly give the groundskeepers on the property $100 each (most likely while wearing a white hat). 

As for some of the Republican candidate’s more bizarre characteristics, Senecal shared a few. According to the seasoned butler, Trump refuses to let anyone touch his hair even though Mar-a-Lago contains an on-site salon. It is also very rare to see Trump wearing a bathing suit since he doesn’t enjoy swimming. Senecal also added that Trump enjoys his steaks well-done, and by “well-done” he means “hard as a rock.”

Aside from mastering his employer’s unique personality traits, Senecal has also been able to meet a multitude of fascinating people during his career as a butler. Over the years, many celebrities have graced the halls of Mar-a-Lago, including Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who attended Trump’s 2005 wedding to his current wife, Melania.

Before Senecal became Trump’s butler, he had a numerous different careers including working as a radio host, restaurant owner, and school teacher. According to The New York Times, when Senecal tried to retire in 2009, Trump changed his mind by saying, “Tony, to retire is to expire. I’ll see you next season.” That following year, Senecal was relieved of his butler duties and became the unofficial historian of the massive estate. 

Although Senecal secretly enjoys correcting Trump’s embellishments about the lavish property, he’s a loyal Trump supporter through and through. 

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