Nabbing a Manhattan apartment is notoriously difficult. People hang on to the good ones, and the rent is sky-high even for the bad ones.

People hang on to the good ones, and the rent is sky-high even for the bad ones.

However, things are slightly easier if you’re a doctor/model with movie star looks. Rehan Munir, a 26-year-old medical student, found this out the fun way.

Munir posted an ad for a room to rent on a Facebook page. He gave the important details: the dates, price range, profession, and his desire for cleanliness. He also included a photo.

As you can see from the pictures below, Munir is not only a doctor—he also looks like he could play one on TV. In fact, his symmetrical face and bright smile have led to a secondary career in modeling.

Unsurprisingly, women on the internet went bonkers. Yes, there were offers for a room, but there were also general cat calls and declarations of love.

One commenter said, “You can totally find a room for $800! Just will have more than a few roomies, so be warned. Also, and I apologize if this is inappropriate, but umm..boyyyy you fine!!”

Another commenter simply asked, “Marry me?”

The Facebook post got so many comments that reporters contacted Munir for interviews. Through his comments, we found out that the young med student is not only handsome and talented, he’s also a down-to-earth, nice guy.

He told the Huffington Post, “It was pretty overwhelming. I wrote it and the next day I wake up and I see my post has been inundated with messages and it’s reached a number of blogs locally and internationally. I found it hilarious! The Internet is really an unpredictable place.”

While Munir didn’t get a ton of housing offers on Facebook, he got dozens of comments to make him smile. For instance, one smitten fellow said, “Hi. I’m a straight male but…can we cuddle possibly? Also how flexible are you? Like really.” 

A young woman said, “I can share my room with you, make you breakfast, do your laundry, become your private nurse!” The flurry of comments proved something we all already knew: Young, good-looking doctors do not have a hard time finding admirers. 

As with all popular Facebook posts, some took the opportunity to get serious and talk about social issues. In response to the avalanche of compliments, one man posted, “Damn, y’all, you would be going crazy right now if this was a bunch of men talking this way about an attractive woman. Dude just wants an apartment.”

Luckily, things didn’t get too heavy and most people stuck to making light-hearted comments. Munir got an Instagram boost and now boasts over 25,000 followers. We hope he continues med school and doesn’t decide to become a full-time internet celebrity.

Despite numerous articles on Munir, there’s no word if the young man has found a room for his residency at Mount Sinai Heart Hospital.

Given all of the positive attention he’s received, we’re not too worried about him. If it comes to it, he can couch surf at some of his newfound friends’ apartments.

In the meantime, you can check him out on Instagram here.