The Cast Of ‘Austin Powers’ Then And Now

The Austin Powers franchise brought in over half a billion dollars worldwide and prompted loads of people to show off their terrible British accents while sticking their teeth out. The James Bond spoofs were delightfully silly and genuinely funny.

Austin Powers was not a conventional leading man, but that didn’t stop the women from hurling themselves at him. The movies were rife with sexual innuendos and ludicrous plots. Here’s what the cast has been up to since the final film.

Verne Troyer

Mike Meyers may have been the star of the movies, but Troyer nearly stole the show as Mini-Me. Mini-Me was an identical clone to Dr. Evil, except that he was one-eighth his size. While Troyer had almost no lines, his physical comedy was unforgettable.

Superpower Wiki

Troyer had been in films before, but the Austin Powers movies opened him up to a much bigger opportunity–reality television. He starred in The Surreal Life, Celebrity Big Brother, and many other reality shows.

Mike Myers

Myers, of course, played the titular character and Dr. Evil. He had been in countless other movies before and would go on to make the Shrek films before somewhat disappearing.

He made a surprise appearance in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds as an English general. His biggest role since then was on the other side of the camera.


In 2013, he directed Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon. The documentary told the story of a famously nice talent manager. Gordon managed such superstars and famous bands as Alice Cooper, Teddy Pendergrass, Pink Floyd, and Blondie.

The film received mostly positive reviews and won the audience award at the Sarasota Film Festival. Myers hasn’t planned any more directing gigs, but he is set to star in the upcoming drama/thriller Terminal.

Robert Wagner

Wagner played Number 2, the second in command to Dr. Evil. His eye patch and purposely overwrought acting style are perfect for the part.


Wagner is now 87 years old, but he still hasn’t retired. He has over a dozen film credits since the Austin Powers movies and has committed to be in 2017’s What Happened to Monday? 

Seth Green

Green played the angsty teenager Scott Evil. Despite his father’s hopes that he’ll be evil when he grows up, Scott would rather just be a veterinarian.


Green has been the busiest out of all of his castmates. He voices Chris Griffin on Family Guy and does writing, producing, and directing for Robot Chicken (which he co-created). In addition to these main gigs, he has many dozens of credits to his name.

Liz Hurley

Hurley played Vanessa Kensington in the first two Austin Powers movies. She welcomes Austin to the modern world after he thaws out from his deep freeze. While she married Austin at the end of the first film, the second film reveals that she was a fembot under Dr. Evil’s control.

The FW

Hurley hasn’t had a ton of movie roles since the Austin Powers franchise, but she’s still been busy. She gave birth to a son in  2002 and has been involved in various business and charity ventures.

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