Fans of the television show Friends recently made a discovery that links it to the movie Home Alone. It’s something that even the biggest fans of the show hadn’t noticed when it first aired more than a decade ago. And unlike those theories that rely on speculation or conjecture, this one actually has some hard evidence to back it up.

Fans of the show will remember that Chandler and Monica wound up leaving their swanky Manhattan apartment to move out to the suburbs. Although this was a bittersweet moment for them, it was made a little more special considering the house they were moving into: It was the McCallisters’ house!

This immediately sounds far-fetched because Friends took place in New York and Home Alone was set in Chicago. But when you take a close look at the layout of the house and of the homes of the neighbors, you’ll see that it’s completely true.

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at the two respective houses is that they’re laid out the same way. Both have a bay window in the same spot, the front door in the same spot, and a staircase in the same spot. With so many similarities, it’s hard to argue that this is just a strange coincidence.

But the real evidence is when you look out the window.

The neighborhood in Home Alone looks the exact same as the neighborhood in Friends. On the shots where you can see outside, you see that the neighborhood houses are laid out in the same way in both the movie and television show,.

For example, in one famous scene from the movie, Kevin McCallister goes down his stairs on a sled. He flies out the front door and lands in the snow in his front yard. When that happens, we can clearly see the neighbors’ house across the street and a wreath that hangs on their front door.

In the television show, we can see that exact same house outside the window in one scene. And it’s not just the house we see, but that same wreath on the door!

There’s another scene in the movie where the police arrive at the Murphys’ house after the robberies are discovered. They live in a blue house with a detached garage. It’s a very distinct home that sits right across the street from The McCallisters’ house.

We see that same home in another scene in Friends. The detached garage is clearly visible through the bay window. This is pretty clear evidence that the homes are the same.

While this seems very odd, it’s actually something that happens quite often in movies and television. Old sets and footage are cheaper to buy than making new ones, so producers look for old footage. It seems that the producers found this stuff from Home Alone and just couldn’t pass it up.

It’s just amazing that it took 12 years for people to find this little Easter egg. It makes us want to go back and re-watch our favorite TV shows just to see what else we may have missed. What a fun little find!