There’s irony in Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter 3 becoming such a commercial success, because it isn’t the album that he initially intended to release.

The project suffered what was thought to be a crippling leak in mid-2007. With most of his new material on the streets, Wayne had no choice but to roll with the punches, packaging some of the unauthorized songs – “I’m Me,” “Kush,” and “Gossip” included – into an EP titled The Leak

The leaks continued, leaving the New Orleans rapper further exposed and fans clamoring for more freebies. It appeared that his Tupac-esque work ethic (and negligence with selecting more trustworthy handlers of his music) did nothing but harm him and the album many assumed to be a classic in the making. Some of Wayne’s best material came and went, as a steady flow of songs began to hit the Internet and mixtape circuit.

Among them was “Do It Again,” a love song and quite possibly the best Wayne song no one talks about. Produced by StreetRunner, it’s an introspective tune with more soul than a sock with a hole. Sonically, it’s built around a finely chopped and arranged sample of funk band New Birth’s 1974 song of the same title.

Wayne’s rhymes are palatable, yet poignant, as he recalls a love gone awry. He admits to his faults, but also holds his former significant other accountable for her wrongdoings.

“I put it on my momma/ ‘Cus baby girl is a flower/ A flower without a vase / No water needed at all / She continues to grow / More beautiful everyday,” he raps in one of his more vulnerable moments.

In retrospect, the Carter 3 leaks may have been the greatest blessing in regards to “Do It Again,” as it circumvented any possible sample clearance issues that may have prevented the record from seeing the light of day. Stream it below.