These are the top five jobs that we’re staying as far away from as possible. We salute those that show up day in and day out to do these jobs that no one else wants to do because we definitely could not.

1. Tax Sign Twirler

Sign twirling attracts those who want a low-stress gig that requires few qualifications. However, there are some major downsides to the festive job.

For one, you have to stand outside, whether it’s freezing or scorching. Sure, there are days when the weather’s perfect, but there’s still the indignity of wearing a Statue of Liberty outfit in public. To top it off, time goes by pretty slowly and you don’t bring in the big bucks when your sign twirling. At least you get your daily cardio in.

2. Sewer Inspector

All of a sudden, sign twirling is looking like a dream job. Inspectors in India wade into overflowing sewers to clear out blockages and repair lines.

With minimal government regulations, the workers are exposed to dangerous bacteria and generally disgusting conditions. They are frequently left without proper protection while completing this vital, but risky, job.

3. Pet Food Taster

The amount you enjoy this job depends on your perspective. Sure, you get to eat food for a living; the bad news is that kibble is made with a dog’s palate in mind.

While much of the world requires that pet food use only human-grade meat, some companies use fresher ingredients than others. Thankfully, those companies that care enough to employ human food tasters generally use better ingredients. The tasters ensure that the food is consistent with well-balanced flavors.

4. Body Odor Analysts

Have you ever thought about how deodorant companies test their products? For every successful antiperspirant, there is an armpit sniffer who has to confirm that the product works.

That means that every day these poor souls go to work, they have to sniff someone’s stinky armpit to see how effective (or ineffective) the company’s deodorants are. It’s not glamorous, but somebody’s got to do it.

5. Slaughterhouse Worker

Whether you’re a vegetarian or the world’s biggest carnivore, you probably don’t want a behind-the-scenes look in a slaughterhouse. It’s not a pretty sight.

Abattoir workers must manage the animals before slaughtering, and they have to remove the hides and body parts. If that’s not traumatizing enough, they sometimes have to use saws to further trim and cut the meat off the bones. We wouldn’t last a day in that field.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate all those hard workers who do the jobs no one else will. Their dedication and perseverance lets us enjoy the luxuries they provide without getting our own hands dirty. After reading about these careers, our own jobs don’t sound nearly as bad as we thought.