Sometimes guys won’t always say what they are thinking, but they will definitely show you.

Couple riding bikes at sunset, reaching arms towards each other
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1. He touches you as gently as he can.

If your big oaf tries to be graceful with you, he’s treating you as preciously as he can. That means he’s really into you.

2. He plans day trips that he thinks you’ll like.

He may not have a 100 percent success rate, but if he tries to do things that make you happy, you mean a lot to him, and he’s trying to show it.

3. He’s always posting about you on social media.

If he’s always posting selfies of the two of you or simply giving you a shout out, he wants everyone to know he’s in love with you.

4. He tries to learn more about you and your interests.

Men don’t always try to find out about what makes a woman happy. If he does, he cares deeply for you.

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5. He likes to hang out, even when you don’t have plans.

If he likes just being around you, then he likely thinks you’re something special.

6. He’s comfortable being silent around you.

If you can sit and enjoy the silence, then you feel comfortable and secure around each other.

7. He looks out for you and tries to defend you.

If he always has your back, you surely mean a lot to him.

8. He tries to cook or do special things for you.

If he goes outside his comfort zone to make you happy, you know he’s trying to win or keep your heart.

Couple standing around stove in kitchen
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9. He pays more attention to you than his phone.

If he ditches his devices to spend time with you, you’ve got his full attention.

10. He always wants to hang out.

If he never gets tired of hanging out, you can rest assured that he’s really into you.