Swarovski, sexual harassment and the UN are not exactly words you would expect to see in the same sentence.  However that’s exactly what’s happening.  Nadja Swarovski joined hands and forces with the Executive Director of UN Women and the under-secretary-general of the United Nations in a push to stop the continuing sexual harassment of women worldwide.

After being sexually harassed on a NY subway some 20 years ago, Nadja remembers every word and how helpless she felt during the encounter when 2 men started hurling sarcastic questions at her. “Angel, what are you wearing? Don’t pretend you can’t hear me, I’m right here next to you.” Sound familiar? “ Nadja recalls that while she had the situation under control, she was shocked at the reaction of onlookers.  People turned their backs, including men in business suits.  No one stood up and showed any sort of concern.  

After that, she decided to take cabs. “I thought, The taxi money is my insurance money,” she said. “I wore black when I lived here in order not to be noticed on the street.

Honoring UN Women and the UN Global Compact Nadja  presented Atelier Swarovski’s limited-edition bracelet supporting the UN Women Safe Cities Global Initiative. Thirty percent of the bracelet sales will benefit policy-making and programs fighting violence against women and girls in 21 cities around the world.

These are the bracelets that can be bought at Swarovski with 30% of proceeds going towards programs to fight against sexual harassment and violence towards women worldwide.