5 Surprising Signs You Need To Go To The ER Right Away

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We all experience minor aches and pains here and there. Maybe you get frequent headaches so you pop ibuprofen every once in a while for relief. There’s nothing wrong with that. Most of the time it’s safe to treat minor symptoms and then go on about your day.

Still, there are some cases where those minor symptoms actually mean something much, much more, and we need to be aware of them in case something is seriously wrong. Here are some examples of minor symptoms and injuries that might actually need to be checked out by a medical professional.

1) If You Feel Pins and Needles

Sometimes you can get that prickly sensation when a body part goes numb, and that’s what we tend to call “pins and needles.” More often than not, it’s usually because you laid on your arm and that cut off the blood flow, resulting in a numb feeling.


If the pins and needles seem to appear out of nowhere, though, that’s a sign that you need to go to the emergency room. Especially if it occurs on just one side of your body, it might be the signal of a stroke.

2) If a New Lump Appears

There are many reasons for a lump to appear. If it hurts then you might have an infection or a small fracture. If there’s no pain then it could be a rash or a growth or maybe even a cyst.


Sometimes, though, it can be a sign of cancer. Most lumps are benign, but getting it checked out will help you to rest easier.

3) If You Bump Your Head

If you’re texting and walking and bump your head on a door, it’s probably not anything serious. But if you hit it pretty hard or if something hits you in the head pretty hard, you should get it checked out.


Concussion symptoms might not appear right away. It’s better to go to the doctor immediately instead of waiting around for more signs.

4) If You Get a Cut

We all think we know when a cut is bad enough to send us to the emergency room, but sometimes we don’t.


If you have a cut and it won’t stop bleeding, you probably need stitches. And if you cut yourself on rusted metal or something else that could be contaminated, you need a tetanus shot. Also keep in mind that you should get animal bites looked at, because you could be exposed to rabies.

5) If Your Fever Spikes Dramatically

It’s not uncommon to get a fever when you have a cold or flu, but it should subside when you take ibuprofen or aspirin.


If your fever suddenly goes very high, such as 105 degrees Fahrenheit, doctors consider this a medical emergency for adults. Also, if you have a fever of 103 degrees that just won’t seem to go away, that could be a sign of a serious infection, and you need to get it checked out immediately.

Generally speaking, if you notice any of these or other worrisome symptoms, just go to a medical center. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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