Suge Knight’s alleged Tupac revelations immediately garnered headlines.

But now Suge Knight’s son is getting involved, and he’s not happy.

If you haven’t been keeping up, Suge has “known for many years that Reggie Wright Jr. and [Knight’s] ex-wife Sharitha [Golden] were behind the murder of Tupac and the alleged murder of Knight,” according to writings from Suge’s attorney.

This allegedly came from an officially signed affidavit, which would make it a big deal. At the time of Tupac’s death, Wright Jr. was the head of security for Death Row Records. Russell Poole, a Los Angeles police detective, had linked Wright Jr. to the murders but had not provided much evidence to support the assertion.

Poole also said that Suge Knight was the actual target of the shootings and that Wright Jr. and Golden were attempting to take control of Death Row. The theory was laid out in the documentary Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton.

Suge’s son, Suge Jacob Knight, doesn’t believe his father really gave this testimony.

“This is [a] terrible publicity stunt and these are the same ones that want to keep my father locked up,” he said, referring to the story as “sick.”

“[Suge Knight] deserves his rights and freedom! They never mentioned him getting shot back then, now they say this?” Suge Jacob added. He has been vocal about his dad’s incarceration, saying that the elder Knight isn’t receiving appropriate care. Since he has been incarcerated, Suge has been hospitalized several times due to an ongoing problem with blood clots.

“Since I have been here,” Suge has told the court, “I’ve lost about 30 pounds. I can’t really see. I can’t really comprehend what’s going on.”

Suge Jacob apparently believes that someone is taking advantage of his father’s medical condition. Suge Jacob also pointed out that his father was the “big protective brother of Pac.”

“If [my father] knew anybody was after him he wouldn’t have Pac with him in the first place,” Suge Jacob wrote. “These rumors are selfish and it’s unnecessary. When you look who is trying to profit off of causing chaos in my family it’s somebody who doesn’t know nor care about my family. Fake news will never get attention but people will stop trying to make a quick dollar off my family, especially off lies.”

“Only negative black stories get broadcasted I see, smh,” Suge Jacob continued. “MY FATHER NEEDS HIS FAMILY AND HIS CIVIL RIGHTS BACK BEFORE WE TALK ABOUT A DOCUMENTARY.”

Suge Jacob ended the post with a #FreeSuge hashtag.

Hip hop fans have obsessed over Tupac’s death for decades, as no arrests were ever made in connection to the legendary rapper’s assassination. Tupac died on Sept. 13, 1996, prompting numerous conspiracy theories.

TMZ obtained a video of Sharitha Golden’s response to the claims.

“You know, I’m so damn sick of getting 100,000 calls about this. No way in hell I would have murdered Tupac,” she said. “For what reason?”

“You know, I’m not one for lawsuits and giving people relevance to any stupidity—but this one deserves my attention [really] good. Big time deserves it,” Golden added.