We’re not quite sure about these numbers, but the sentiment is legit.

Text message service TalkTo has released a study they commissioned that claims that Americans spend 10 to 20 minutes of the week waiting on hold. That’s an average of… okay, not 43 days.Assuming the average is 15 minutes per week, and that you don’t start spending all that time on hold until you’re 18, and that phones and phone systems will never change in any way, that’s… …more like 33 days. Which is still a ton!

TalkTo offers (or rather offered, apparently they were purchased and shut down in 2014) a service that promised to allow you to text with businesses instead of waiting on hold, so they had a bit of a vested interest in inflating the numbers, but the point remains the same: we probably spend way too much of our lives waiting on hold.That’s why there are a host of companies, websites, and apps that hope to wait on hold for you.LucyPhone is a website where you put in a customer service phone number and, when they put you on hold, you simply press “**”. Then LucyPhone stays on the line and calls you when a human answers.

Some users love it, though others note privacy concerns, as well as the fact that some customer service reps simply hang up when they get a message from LucyPhone telling them to press “1” to speak to their customer. The IRS in particular has said that won’t play along with LucyPhone.Another service, called GetHuman, is partnered with LucyPhone, but their main service is providing as much as they can of company’s phone trees, with the goal of getting an actual human to answer.Users say the accuracy of the user-submitted database is… mixed, but that when it does work, it works well.Hopefully, these’ll help save a few of those 43, er, 33 days of your life.