The surprise

Soldiers surprising loved ones with unexpected transfers home has become a beautiful way to commemorate a wonderful and heartwarming occasion. Private First Class Jamie Polston had been deployed to Afghanistan for seven months before returning to the US earlier than he expected. With the help of some family and friends, and the local Wal-Mart, he arranged a surprise for his wife.

His wife

Jamie’s wife, Skyler, was lured to the Wal-Mart location by friends, being told that she was there to pick up a necklace that was an early birthday present. Once Jamie pops out, Skyler bursts into tears and the couple embrace tightly, exchanging “I love yous” and a sweet kiss.Skyler said, “I was under the impression that I was coming here to pick up a necklace. But not only did I just get a necklace, I got my husband.”

His son

Another part of the surprise, Jamie got to meet his son Major for the first time. The newborn was just four weeks old. Of the meeting, Skyler said, “”It’s really something you can’t explain. It’s a good warm feeling inside knowing they are finally together.”This is another powerful example of the dedication and sacrifice of the soldiers serving their country.


In this video, you can watch as Jamie, admittedly nervous, waits to surprise his wife and meet his newborn for the first time. His friends and family, along with the local Wal-Mart have worked together to help him set-up this surprise for his wife and son. Watch as Jamie surprises his wife and then meets his baby boy for the first time. It’s a truly incredible moment.