5 Simple Ways To Successfully Beat The Summer Heat

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It’s officially summer. It’ll only get hotter and sweatier from here on out, so check out these great tips and tricks to survive the weather until autumn.

1. Choose Chilly Snacks

This may seem obvious, but eat more frozen snacks to stay cool. We’re not just talking about store-bought popsicles, either. It’s easy to make your own frozen treats. These snacks will cool you off and save you money along the way.


Make a delicious, healthy frozen snack simply by freezing fruits. Frozen grapes are a great snack right out of the freezer. You can also throw chunks of mango or watermelon into the icebox. A few hours later, use them as flavorful ice cubes in your favorite chilled beverage.

You can even make ice cream with frozen fruit. Here a great recipe that transforms frozen bananas into delicious, low-calorie “ice cream.”

2. Change Your Cooking Technique

Most people shy away from cooking during the summer. It’s no fun to stand in front of a hot stove in the summer heat, and forget baking. Fortunately, there are ways to stay chill in the kitchen that will still leave you with a delicious meal.


Move your cooking to a grill. While you stand outside to cook, you’ll spare your home the excess heat. You can also invest in a crock pot. You can make tons of easy summer meals in a crock pot, like Korean beef tacos or a quinoa risotto. Follow this link for some great summertime crock-pot recipes. Once you’ve set the ingredients, walk away, and your thermostat won’t gradually climb as your meal cooks.

3. Get The Air Moving

It’s always a good idea to invest in a few high-quality fans. Fans are an excellent way to cool down while keeping your air-conditioning bill low. Don’t be afraid of setting up multiple fans. Remember, the more fans, the less sweaty you’ll be.


Setting up fans in front of air conditioning units works really well. You can make the colder air travel farther in your home this way. Install outward-facing box fans in the windows to create cross breezes in your home. Bob Villa has an efficient way to get your home cool using these techniques.

4. Skip The Blow Dryer

Save yourself some time and let your hair air-dry in the summer. Your hair can probably use a break from the heat anyway. If you consistently use a blow dryer, you might dehydrate your hair.


Dehydrated hair is brittle and it break off easily, which is no good for your look. Blow dryers can reach up to 131 degrees, and that kind of heat also warms up a bathroom real fast. Take a break from blow drying your hair to keep your home and yourself cooler.

5. Try Yoga Breaths

You can even use your own breath to cool down your body temperature. You only need your tongue and a few dedicated minutes for this technique to work. The practice of Pranayama uses the breath to open the flow of energy in the body to help regulate bodily functions.

Sheetali Pranayama is a cooling-breath technique that has a calming effect. To perform the Sheetali breath, first, find get comfortable in a seated position. Place your hands on your knees, close your eyes, and relax your entire body. Then stick out your tongue, with the edges rolled up as if your tongue is a straw.


Inhale slowly through your tongue. As the air passes over the moisture on your tongue, it cools off. The cooler air will then help lower your body temperature. After a few breaths, you should feel cool, calm, and more collected.

Try these tips to stay as comfortable as possible through this summer season, and we’ll see you when hoodie season finally returns.

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