There are certain tips that people share that just make us wonder why we never thought of them. Life’s inconveniences and annoyances won’t bother you a bit once you learn these tricks.

1. Use paper clips to easily find the ends of tape.

Duct tape is a lifesaver. It’s also a real pain when the tape sticks to itself. Fortunately, there’s a really simple trick to keep the tape from sticking to itself—just use a paperclip!

It will keep the tape free and make it easy to find the end. You’ll never have to scrape the tape off of itself ever again.

2. Use chopsticks to eat Cheetos to prevent orange fingers.

We absolutely love Cheetos, but there are times we just can’t have orange fingers. Although it may look a little silly, using chopsticks can prevent the dust from getting all over your fingers.

Now we all know chopsticks can be tricky. But don’t worry– we’ve got you covered.

This way, you can look like an adult while still enjoying your favorite snack treat.

3. Do something out of the ordinary when locking your door before a long trip.

When we perform routine activities, our brain doesn’t always commit them to memory. This means that something simple, such as locking the door, isn’t necessarily something that we’ll remember.

Normally this isn’t a problem, but if you’re leaving for a long trip, it may drive you crazy if you can’t remember if you locked the door. Doing something unusual ensures that your brain commits this to memory, allowing you to enjoy your trip worry free.

4. Use spaghetti to light the last little bit of your candles.

There’s nothing worse than burning your fingers trying to light a candle that’s almost gone. Instead of suffering through that, you can just use a stick of spaghetti to light the wick.

This way, you can get every last drop out your candles while keeping your fingertips blister free. The next time you need to light a candle, just grab a piece of dry spaghetti.

5. Leave the middle empty when reheating leftovers.

Microwaves are amazing, but they can sometimes leave food unevenly hot; some parts will be as hot as lava while others are ice cold. If you just push the food around and leave a space open in the middle, your food will heat up more evenly.

This means that you can take a bite and know exactly how hot or cold your food is actually going to be.

6. Pop the end off of an avocado to check its ripeness.

We love avocados, but sometimes have trouble telling if they’re ripe or not. Fortunately, there’s a really simple trick to this. Just pop off the end and check the color.

If you see green, that’s a good avocado. If it looks black, that means it’s overly ripe.