6 Signs That Your Relationship Has Reached Its Peak Comfort Level

People in a new relationship tend to hide or avoid the gross parts of being a human. We’ll hold in farts until our intestines turn into small zeppelins and erase any evidence of having pooped like we’re cleaning a crime scene.

Then it happens. She spots a zit on your on the back of your neck and asks if she can pop it. Don’t worry, the world isn’t unraveling; you’re just becoming grossly comfortable together. Here are five signs that your relationship has reached peak comfort level.

1. She stops shaving every day.

In the beginning of the relationship, she may have warned you when she didn’t shave. You could barely even tell, but she was embarrassed.

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Now, the opposite is true. The only thing worthy of announcing is when she has shaved. Otherwise, expect a fuzzy layer of fur over everything.

2. She pops your zits.

We’re not sure why whiteheads lure significant others in like specks of gold in a prospector’s pan. What we do know is that popping your partner’s zits or allowing your partner to pop your zits shows a peak level of comfort.

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Basically, you’re starting to treat each other’s bodies as if it were your own. We know how satisfying it is to pop our pimples, so we should give that gift to others when the zits are in a place we can’t reach.

3. You pee with the door open.

This is a bellwether moment because, in the beginning, people use time in the bathroom to do all sorts of secret activity. Once you’re opening up and being completely honest, you can start to leave the door open.

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This has all sorts of benefits. No more interrupted conversations. Just continue them while you go. It also prepares you for sharing a bathroom at crowded parties and other events, which buys you a little extra mirror time.

4. You fart at will.

There’s nothing that says we’re ultra-comfortable together like waking up, smiling at each other, and then sounding a fog horn. Holding in farts is uncomfortable and passing this milestone means you can truly relax together.

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Of course, you’ll want to be judicious with your gas passing. If you want to preserve a shred of sexiness in your relationship, you don’t want to constantly have a cloud of stink surrounding you.

5. You don’t mind morning breath.

The first time you sleep over, you’ll likely feel ashamed of your disgusting breath the next morning. You may escape to the bathroom to brush like you’re scouring a filthy bathtub.

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As time goes on, you care less and less about things like that. You’d rather be able to kiss your SO than preserve the illusion that bodies don’t stink much of the time.

6. You announce when you’re going to poop.

This is the final frontier (unless you end up pooping with the door open, which we cannot get on board with). Being honest about your dirty deeds shows that the relationship has reached a new height.

As with other things on the list, you want to be sparing with your announcements. Just because you’re comfortable enough to say it doesn’t mean you have to overshare.

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If you and your SO do most of the things on this list, you’re officially comfortable with each other. If you don’t, why not jumpstart the process by indulging in some of these activities? A relationship that can’t survive a fart wasn’t meant to be in the first place.

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