Many people struggle to lose weight. They would love nothing more than to have that great beach body or just to shed some unwanted pounds. Monica Riley, however, is not most people. She currently weighs 700 pounds and is looking to gain more weight. In fact, she wants to top 1,000 pounds and become the fattest woman in the world.

Her boyfriend, Sid Riley, is totally on board with this. He helps her to consume more than 8,000 calories every day so she can put on weight. He’s actually made a shake that contains 3,500 calories so she can consume almost two days worth of calories in just a single sitting. Monica also eats a gallon of ice cream, four double cheeseburgers, 30 chicken nuggets, and two weight gain shakes a day.

She is on record as saying she wants to be “too fat to move.” She said it would make her feel like a queen because her boyfriend would be forced to wait on her every need. Amazingly, she makes money online allowing men to watch her eat. There are apparently men with a fetish for morbidly obese women. It might sound odd, but it’s true.

Obviously, weighing this much is completely unhealthy. Monia pays those concerns no mind. In fact, she and Sid are trying to have a baby. She says that she can easily raise a child from inside her bedroom. Monica’s mother is not happy with this decision and would love to see her daughter lose weight for a potential child, but Monica won’t hear it. She says the larger she gets, the sexier she feels.

On the one hand, it’s great to see someone embrace their body. On the other hand, we hate to see someone living such an unhealthy lifestyle. Hopefully she can find some balance between self-esteem and healthy living.