Meredith and Keith Charles Diaz were the perfect couple.

Married in 2014, they were both happy and content. They lived in North Carolina, where they were raising a child together. Meredith said later that she’d trust Keith with her life.However, Keith Charles Diaz was hiding something big.

Everything changed when Meredith noticed potential signs of infidelity.

She stumbled onto bizarre messages that Keith had been sending online. With a little digging, Meredith was able to determine that Keith was seeing someone else. It was a heartbreaking discovery, but the big surprise was yet to come.With additional research, Meredith realized that Keith was married to another woman.The other woman was her husband’s first wife, and they had never gone through with a divorce. Meredith’s life is changed forever, and she’s been crushed by the revelation.Authorities have arrested Keith and charged him with bigamy, a felony. Meanwhile, Meredith is pushing for changes to the way that the country tracks and records marriages. She says that a national database would have prevented this situation from occurring.

“I feel [a database is] a very easy thing we could set up as a country,” she said.

We don’t have a comment from Keith’s first wife. For Meredith, this shocking discovery is a necessary step towards a new life. She’s learning how to trust again, which will certainly take some time. Keith will appear in Lexington District Court on Feb. 29.