Kombucha every day for a week can give you a whole new healthy perspective.

The kombucha craze just won’t go away, and maybe that’s because there’s something to it. Allison Young, a writer, decided to drink the fermented stuff every day for a whole week. During the process, she went from a skeptic to a believer.”I was skeptical of spending $4 a pop on any drink, let alone a trendy beverage without a lot of research to back up the raves,” wrote Young in Rodale’s Organic Life. “Could a fermented tea really be a miracle in a glass bottle, or is it just an over-hyped sip parading as a health drink?”After a week of daily kombucha drinking, Young now believes the hype. As someone who loves all things acidic, she fell in love with kombucha “at first sip.” However, Young cautions that “first-timers” may want to start with sweeter kombucha brews like strawberry or mango.

Kombucha is a great replacement for soda, and it just might give you a healthy “buzz.”

Young reported that, yes, daily kombucha drinking improved her bowel movements. “I’m a drink-my-morning-coffee-and-hit-the-loo kind of gal,” wrote Young, “But three mornings into my kombucha kick, and I didn’t need caffeine to kick-start things; they happened all on their own.”Young wrote that kombucha made her mouth feel fresh, clean, and healthy. “It was as if all those effervescent bubbles cleaned away the plaque and gave my gums a healthy hug,” wrote Young. “I was convinced kombucha was doubling as Listerine.”She also found that kombucha made a great substitute for her mild addiction to Diet Coke. “A strange thing happened after I started sipping kombucha: My Diet Coke urges vanished.” Typically, a kombucha drink has two to eight grams of sugar in an eight-ounce serving. Meanwhile, there are 39 grams of sugar in a can of regular Coke.

There’s also a major benefit to the sudden influx of B vitamins.

And while kombucha makes a great soda pop substitute, it has the added benefit of making you feel good while you’re drinking it. B vitamins have been shown to fight depression and stabilize moods, and kombucha is chock full of B vitamins. Young says that kombucha gave her “the same slightly smiley temperament” she gets after drinking a half of a beer.”I got a B buzz,” wrote Young.