Custom window treatments are quite the investment, and a lot of times you’d rather invest your money somewhere else. That’s why this Better Homes and Gardens’ DIY is the perfect trick if you’re in the mood for some pretty Roman blinds and additional shade coverage. 

What You’ll Need: white faux wood blinds, thick upholstery fabric, pencil, scissors, decoupage and bowl, brush, tape measure, and an iron. 

Step One: Lay the blinds on your work surface with the front portion facing down and pull them out to the length of the window.

Step Two: Cut away the thicker strings that connect the slats on the front and back. Don’t snip the string that’s in the middle of the slats because this is what’s used to pull the shade up and down. Then measure how long the shade will be hanging over the window and divide this measurement by seven. This is how many slats you’ll need to leave on the blind strings. Snap off the excess slats. 

Step Three: Place your fabric facedown underneath the blinds. Make sure to take into consideration the fabric that’ll be wrapped around the top of the blind and proceed to lay out the slats in seven inch intervals. Take your pen and mark these placements directly on the blinds. Then mark the fabric where it folds at the sides, top, and bottom of the slats. Remove your slats and press the fabric folds to create even hems. 

Step Four: Again, place your fabric underneath the shade and use the paintbrush to apply glue on the front side of the slats. Secure them into place at the seven inch intervals you’d marked. Tuck the ends of the slats beneath the folded edges. To hold the fabric, use clothespins while the glue dries.

Step Five: Once it’s completely secure, install like mini blinds and enjoy!