With six regular season games remaining, The Golden State Warriors must compile a 5-1 record to go 73-9 and break the regular season wins record set by the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls. Naturally, the two historic teams have been compared throughout the season, and were placed in yet another hypothetical scenario this past weekend. During an AT&T sponsored event in Houston, hall of famer Scottie Pippen was asked how his Bulls would fare in a seven game series with the 2016 Warriors and he gave an interesting response:

Pippen went on to say that he would accept the challenge of guarding reigning MVP Steph Curry, as he feels his size would bother the All-Star guard. He even went as far as saying that he would be able to hold Curry under 20 points. Pride and competitive nature certainly played a part in Pippen’s response, as it is difficult to believe that a team as offensively gifted as the Warriors would fail to capture at least two victories in a seven game series with the Bulls.

When Dubs coach Steve Kerr was given the scenario, he immediately referred to the fact that it would be a task  to compare two teams, from two different eras because of the disparities in the rules between each era. “If you actually put the teams in a hypothetical game, my guess is the Bulls would be called for a million hand-check fouls, and we would be called for a million illegal defenses when we overloaded the strong side,” Kerr said. “So the game would take, like, six hours because the refs would be calling stuff all game. It’s kind of hard to get past that. Now, they wouldn’t call traveling in either era.” Good point Steve. The Warriors face the Minnesota Timberwolves next in their quest to 73.