Science Has Finally Determined The 5 Little Life Skills That Ensure Success

Two researchers have published their findings on what life skills lead to wealth, health, and wellbeing later in life. Unsurprisingly, there was no one single skill that helped people accomplish these desirable outcomes. There were five.

The University College London scientists looked at older adults who had “economic success, social and subjective well-being, and better health.” The people who shared these accomplishments also shared certain traits. Here are the five attributes you should cultivate if you want to be wealthy, healthy, and happy.

1. Conscientiousness

Having this trait means that a person is careful and vigilant about their work. It’s easy to understand how a conscientious person can succeed in their profession. People who have harnessed this skill through life generally do well in school and learn from mentors in their jobs.


This quality can also be helpful toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Because conscientious people are often highly organized, they are more likely to keep track of calories and ensure that they have the proper amount of exercise. 

2. Emotional Stability

This may seem like an outcome more than a skill, but it refers to the ability to stay even-tempered through tough times. This comes more naturally to some people, but the skill can be learned and strengthened with effort.


Being emotionally stable allows people to be better co-workers and spouses. People who can stay calm when others lose their temper are seen as better leaders and more desirable partners. An emotionally stable person will also feel less stress through life, which is good for their health.

3. Determination

Determination is crucial in achieving any goal, whether you want to make more money, lose weight, or feel more content. Not giving up and persevering in the face of adversity gives you a much better chance of success in any area.


The real question is, “How does someone become more determined?” Interestingly, the first step may be in realizing that determination will help you succeed. By explicitly acknowledging that you will need to persevere to succeed, you will strengthen your resolve to do just that.

4. Self-Control

The ability to sacrifice short-term comfort for long-term gains is crucial in attaining the outcomes of wealth, wellbeing, and health. Taking the easy way out of situations makes it difficult to achieve any of those three goals, much less all of them.


Those with self-control will be able to stay in jobs that they dislike in order to get a better one in the future. Obviously, self-control is a huge element of any diet or exercise regimen. 

5. Optimism

This one may surprise people, but the scientific research backs it up. People who have a rosier outlook in life often have better lives in general.

You may ask, “Which one happened first?” Does someone’s charmed life lead them to be optimistic or did their optimism lead them to a good life? While both could be true, being optimistic gives you a leg up in your overall well-being because thinking positively makes you feel better.


It’s also easy to see why optimistic people would make more desirable employees and spouses. No one wants a chronically unhappy boss or mate.

Now that you know the five life skills of highly successful people, you can think about how you might cultivate these skills. Of course, there are many other variables that go into wealth, health, and wellbeing, but having these skills is a great start.

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