Quadruplets Celebrate Ivy League Dreams And Then Some

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It isn’t easy to get into Harvard or Yale.

But a set of quadruplet brothers have beaten the odds by getting into both. Now they just have to pick a school.

Tampa Bay Times

Of the 32,000 applicants to Yale’s class of incoming freshman this year, only 2,056 gained admittance. Four of them just happened to be brothers, and those brothers were all born on the same day.

Nigel, Zach, Aaron, and Nick Wade made headlines 18 years ago when they were born.

Now they find themselves back in the news for their stupendous academic achievements.

It’s pretty impressive that all four of these Ohio brothers were accepted by Yale’s intensive admissions program. But they weren’t content to rest on their achievement. They went ahead and capped it all off by applying to and being universally accepted into Harvard as well.

Tampa Bay Times

“Honestly, to have one child from a family be accepted to a school like this is amazing,” Zach told the Washington Post. “But for all four to be accepted—I just don’t, I don’t know how it happened.”

Well, it probably started with the brothers’ excellent grades and high participation rates in sports and extracurricular activities. Aaron is the artsy one, while Zach prefers math. Nigel is into language and education. He plans to study neuroscience, wherever he ends up. Nick is concerned with social justice. He’d like to go into international relations.

“We’re still in shock, honestly,” Aaron said. “I don’t think it has sunk in yet.”


These high school seniors don’t just have to pick between Harvard and Yale.

The brothers have their choice of top-tier schools. Nigel was also offered a place at Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins. Nick made the cut at Stanford, Georgetown, and Duke. Zach could go to Cornell if he chooses, and Aaron also got into Stanford.

“The outcome has shocked us,” Aaron said. “We didn’t go into this thinking, ‘Oh, we’re going to apply to all these schools and get into all of them.’ It wasn’t so much about the prestige or so much about the name as it was—it was important that we each find a school where we think that we’ll thrive and where we think that we’ll contribute.”


That kind of reasoning is what got the Wade quadruplets into the schools of their choice. However, this being college, finances are going to play a big role in where the brothers choose to go. It can’t be easy to put four children through college at once!

We can’t wait to find out which schools they end up choosing and what the future holds for them. It would be cool if they all go to the same school, but it might also be interesting for them to head in four different directions.

No matter what they decide, one thing is certain: The brothers have already been great successes, and with the odds they’ve beaten thus far, they’re likely to continue on that path.

Keep us posted, Nigel, Zach, Aaron, and Nick. We’re expecting great things from you!

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