10 Products For People Who Love To Cook But Might Need A Little Help

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1. Never Mince Herbs Again

This specialty set of kitchen shears makes it easy to chop fresh herbs in tiny, flavor-packed pieces. Put your kitchen garden to good use without dirtying your cutting board. 


If you’ve never cooked with fresh herbs, you’re missing out. These scissors take the labor out of tasty, aromatic treats from the garden. Get yours here.

2. All the Benefits of a Mandoline Slicer With None of the Cuts

Mandoline slicers are famous for their animosity toward fingers. But how else can you get a perfect julienne?


This 3-in-1 combo tool safely peels carrots and potatoes. Flip the switch and use the soft skin blade to peel tomatoes or kiwi fruits hassle free. One more twist and you’re holding the world’s safest julienne slicer. Shoestring potatoes, anyone?

Pick one up here.

3. A High-Quality, Stainless Steel Spaghetti Measure

If you cook for one or two, you’ve probably run into the perennial Too Much Spaghetti problem. It’s almost impossible to figure out how many dry noodles add up to a single cooked portion.


There are lots of pasta measures out there, but most of them are a hideous green plastic that doesn’t match any decor. This handsome stainless steel squiggle effortlessly measures portions of dry spaghetti, and it looks great while doing it.

Get yours here today, and never suffer from Too Much Spaghetti Disorder again!

4. Two Words: Egg Squares

There’s one thing that fast food restaurants have mastered that we just can’t replicate at home—small, well-shaped fried eggs. Well, trust Williams Sonoma to come up with the solution.

Williams Sonoma

This set of four nonstick egg frying barriers holds eggs in a nice, compact shape. Even better, they’re square, meaning they’re perfectly sized to cover a crisp piece of toast. Make breakfast sandwiches that put the fast food joints to shame.

Buy them here.

5. Tear-Free Onions In a Jiffy

Just insert the onion slicer, place your peeled onion on the surface, and close the lid. Voila. Beautiful, uniform onion bits that won’t make you cry.


6. Kitchen Precision in a Cutting Board

Are you one of those people who has to have everything perfect? Are your meals ruined by an uneven slice or mismatched vegetable chunks?


The good folks at Fred & Friends have just the kitchen tool for you. They call it “The Obsessive Chef,” and it’s a bamboo cutting board that’s marked with distinct angles for various types of cuts. You’ll never have to use guess work on your fine brunoise again. 

Pick one up here.

7. No More Lumpy Cupcakes—Or Pancakes, Waffles, or Muffins

This batter dispenser is the perfect baking tool for cupcakes, waffles, muffin mix, crepes, cake, or really any baked good. Not only can you make perfectly round pancakes, but you can avoid the mess of batter being dripped all over the kitchen counter.


Get it here.

8. Big Data in the Kitchen

Pair this scale with your phone or tablet to follow recipes with ease. It will even tell you when to stop adding a certain ingredient.


Add too much, and all the other ingredients will simply adjust. You basically cannot mess up a batch of cookies with this thing.

Buy your own here

9. The Little Pot That Could

There’s nothing this thing can’t do. Technically, it’s a miniature pressure cooker, but it also functions as a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a steamer, and even a yogurt maker.


Oh, and if you have a plate of leftovers for your spouse who’s working late again, just leave it in this little thing. It’ll keep food safely warm without drying it out.

This wonder-cooker is available here

10. The Measuring Spoons You’ve Been Looking For

We love to cook with recipes handed down through the ages. But for whatever reason, Grandma could never measure her spices exactly.


What, for instance, is the difference between a “pinch” and a “smidgen”?

This set of whimsical stainless steel measuring spoons answers that question. It offers five spoons, ranging from the teeny “drop” to a slightly larger “tad.”

This gag gift is actually surprisingly useful. Pick one up for yourself or a loved one here

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