Not What They Expected

Police Officers in St. Albans, West Virginia got a little more than they bargained for when they responded to a shoplifting call at a local Kroger around 4 a.m. on the morning of Dec. 14, 2015. While the officers were resolving a shoplifting incident involving a Christmas tree, they were informed that a baby had been crying inside of a locked bathroom for around 20 minutes.

A Shocking Scene

When the officers were finally able to enter the Kroger bathroom, they found the infant with 39-year-old Donnyell Harrison. Harrison, who had reportedly been using drugs in the bathroom, was yelling at the 14-month-old baby girl. While officers questioned Harrison, Sergeant Phillip Bass noticed that the baby was sitting in a buggy holding a bottle full of Dr. Pepper.

A Fortunate Rescue

When Sergeant Bass questioned Harrison, who is not the mother of the child, she said that she didn’t have anything else to give the baby. Sergeant Bass, a father of three, was stunned that a helpless infant was being treated this way. So, he decided to go above and beyond the call of duty and cared for the child for more than four hours until Child Protective Services arrived! In addition, according to WCHS-TV, “A Kanawha County sheriff’s deputy bought small toys for the baby, and members of the St. Albans Police Department bought diapers and food.” Job well done!

Hope Is On The Horizon

Harrison was charged with possession and intent to deliver since officers found pills at the scene. The infant’s mother, who is currently incarcerated in South Central Regional Jail, stated that the child was left in the care of Harrison. Thanks to some amazing police officers, like Sergeant Bass, the baby is now safe and will be placed into foster care.