There are some animated movies that we just love and will gladly watch whenever they are on. We get so engrossed in them, in fact, that we apparently miss some really obvious mistakes. Here are some bloopers from our favorite animated movies that somehow slipped right by us.

1) In “Monsters, Inc.,” a locker number magically changes.

Monsters, Inc. is an adorable movie about monsters who scare children in order to harvest their screams, then suddenly finding themselves taking care of a little girl. It’s a movie that teaches the value of getting to know a person before judging them or holding preconceived notions. It also contains a glaring error.

When Sully goes to hide baby Boo, he clearly puts her in locker 193. When the camera cuts back to the locker, it’s now locker 190. The numbers are very similar, but not the same. We’re not sure how we missed that!

2) Riley’s notebook disappears when she sits down in “Inside Out.”

Inside Out tells the story of a little girl’s inner emotions as she grows up, moves from Minnesota to San Francisco, and just tries to navigate life. It also contains a noticeable error.

When Riley is introducing herself to her new class, she stands up, and as she’s talking, begins to cry as she thinks about her old friends. When she sits back down, her blue notebook has disappeared under her textbook.

3) In “Toy Story,” Mr. Potato Head suddenly finds an eye.

Toy Story is the movie that really put Pixar on the map. It tells the story of Woody—long-time favorite toy of a little boy named Andy—adapting to live with Buzz, Andy’s new favorite toy. Along the way, we meet many colorful characters who are found in Andy’s toy box.

One of those toys is Mr. Potato Head, and there’s a pretty big error involving this character. When he pops out of the box, he’s missing an eye. When we see him again a moment later, he suddenly has both eyes. That’s a pretty big eye-tem to forget!

4) One of the hyenas in the “The Lion King” magically heals itself.

The Lion King tells the story of Simba, the son of the king of the jungle, who is exiled from his domain by his evil Uncle Scar. It features great music, a touching story, and some beautiful animation. It also contains a visual error.

One of the hyenas suffers a pretty wicked scratch to its face, but in the very next scene, the wound is gone. There’s simply no way those scratches would have healed that quickly.

5) In “The Little Mermaid,” a fork suddenly loses a prong.

Ariel dreams of leaving the sea and heading up to the land in The Little Mermaid. She’s fascinated by all the things people have on the land and wishes she had legs so she could live there. It’s a great story for anyone who has ever dreamed of leaving home.

One of her items from the land, a fork that she calls a “dinglehopper,” clearly has four prongs when she finds it. When we see it just a moment later, one of the prongs is gone. What happened to it? The world may never know.