It’s something everyone dreads: the sinking realization that you locked yourself out of your house. 

Well, don’t fret! Dave Hax has a mind-bending tutorial on how to craft a spare key out of the top of a food can lid. 

While the key isn’t as strong as a store-cut one, it is compact and can fit easily in a wallet or purse. 

So how do you do it? 

Just hold your current key over a flame, use pliers or tongs if you are worried about the heat.Once it is coated black, set the key down to cool. Take a piece of clear tape and place it on the key. This will make a print of the key’s outline. Remove the lid from the can and place it on the table. Stick the tape on the lid while making sure the tape is flat with no wrinkles. Then cut the outline of the key out using a pair of scissors. (Make sure not to cut yourself!)

And voila! That’s it! You now have an extra key.