We all want to eat healthier, but many of us simply don’t know how. That’s because we believe myths that just won’t die. Here are some common misconceptions about healthy eating that are completely wrong.

1. Brown bread is inherently healthier than white bread.

Everyone knows that white bread is full of empty calories, so some people choose to eat brown bread thinking that it’s a healthier alternative. The truth is, some brown bread is just as unhealthy as white bread. It’s just white bread dyed brown.

The healthy bread you should be looking for is whole grain bread. Whole grain is, in fact, healthier than white bread. Just because a bread is brown, don’t assume it’s healthy. Read the label closely and make sure it’s truly whole grain and not full of sugar.

2. Fat makes a person fat.

When people hear “fat,” they associate it with food that makes a person overweight. That’s a misconception. Fat is actually a necessary nutrient that can be good for your body.

Healthy fats are good in moderation. Those are found in nuts and salmon. The problem lies with hidden fats found in foods like sausage, cookies, and white rice. You shouldn’t overdo it, but some healthy fats are actually good for your body.

3. Eating after 6 PM is bad for your body.

This is an old myth that won’t seem to die. With our hectic lives and work schedules, some people have no choice but to eat after 6 PM. If that’s you, don’t worry about it.

What you should do is cut off all eating three hours before you go to bed. You should also eat a light dinner, not a heavy one that you’ll be unable to work off. Eat a heavy breakfast, a decent lunch, and a light dinner.

4. Carbs are bad for you.

There are many diets that cut down on carbs or remove them entirely. While it’s good to cut out simple carbs, complex carbs are actually good for you.

Simple carbs are found in sugar, white bread, potatoes, and chocolate. Complex carbs are found in foods like grains, vegetables, beans, and quinoa. Those foods are good for you and should be part of a balanced diet.

5. Fruits and vegetables lose nutrients if refrigerated.

Everyone knows that they should be eating more fruits and vegetables, but some people think they lose nutrients if they are refrigerated. Because they turn so quickly when left in the pantry, people don’t buy them because they can’t eat them fast enough.

Your fruits and vegetables lose almost no nutrients at all in the refrigerator. If you really can’t eat these foods fast enough, consider frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. They are just about as healthy as the real thing and can be stored for much longer. Just be careful of their sodium content.

6. Sushi is healthy.

Sushi itself isn’t necessarily bad for you, depending on the type you eat. However, all rolls are certainly not created equally.

Some people choose rolls that are deep fried, slathered in mayonnaise, or covered in soy sauce. If those are the rolls you’re eating, you’re not eating healthy. Raw rolls with fish and vegetables are much better options. The sticky rice in sushi isn’t great for you, but certain rolls can be enjoyed once in a while as a special treat.