When you think American muscle car, you probably imagine the infamous GTO, a slick Mustang, or a roaring Corvette. The list of classics can go on and on, but a new breed of muscle car just came to town, and it wants to play! People should not blow off the Tesla as another family sedan. It has lots of comfortable space, a ridiculously large trunk, and an option for rear facing seats just like a vintage Oldsmobile. Compare those features to a classic muscle car like the Buick GNX and you may start to see what we mean. Besides for having a large American V8, there are other reasons some vintage muscle cars have become such classics. Muscle cars were family cars back in the day. They were meant to satisfy the needs of a small family and be crazy powerful all at the same time! The Tesla Model S is all of those things in a sleek package!

Tesla builds high-end and quite luxurious cars. At first glance, you may think you’re looking at the newest sedan from Nissan, but the Tesla Model S is no ordinary family sedan. First of all, the Model S can top out at 155mph, and the kicker is that it has no engine! The rear and front axles are powered by their own powerful electric motors which can be recharged either at home or at many nationwide Tesla charging stations. This car wants to go fast! You can run zero to 60mph in under four seconds! Our favorite features include the 17″ touch screen in the over-sized dash, and the front storage space known as the “frunk.” Since the car has no motor there is lots of storage under the hood. So, next time you pull up next to a Tesla Model S, don’t challenge it to a race, you will probably lose.