5 Of The Most Ridiculous Inventions You’ll Encounter

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There have been countless great inventions in history. Everyone knows about Edison’s light bulb, the Wright Brothers’ airplane, and Bell’s telephone. That short list does not even take into consideration smartphones, tablets, and all of the personal computing devices that are the fruits of many people’s labor.

Then there are the not-so-great inventions. These ridiculous gadgets were made by inventors whose names we will likely never know. They worked in obscurity so that those small problems we didn’t even know existed could be solved. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Ostrich Pillow

Ostrich Pillow

This pillow/hand warmer/sleep mask is an all-in-one solution to the age-old problem—how do I procrastinate just a little longer? This nap gear can transform your cubicle into the land of nod in less than 10 seconds.

At just $89, this mobile napping station is a steal. And if you’re getting claustrophobic looking at that photo, you should know that there is a mouth hole for breathing. Disclaimer: Your boss will still be able to see you sleeping in the Ostrich Pillow.

2. Nature Sabre

Naama Agassi

Pretend sword fighting with sticks is a timeless childhood activity. With a little imagination and a couple of fallen branches, you and a friend can transform into knights of old.

As fun as the activity is, getting thwacked on the hand is not. That’s where the Nature Sabre rubber handguard comes into play. Simply slide the rubber guard onto a stick, and protect your fingers while clashing pretend swords.

3. Yellow Egg Cuber Cutting Tool


Buy yours for under $13 on Amazon. This one-trick pony beats out the quesadilla maker, strawberry stem remover, and one-click butter-pad dispenser in terms of specificity and lack of versatility. The egg cuber makes a hard-boiled egg into a cube shape. It may sound underwhelming, but it has its fans.

One reviewer gave the egg cuber a five-star review with the following comment. “First off, this tool is entirely impractical. It takes a single egg at a time, which seems like such a waste of energy to make more than a couple. And yet… people will be amazed by these eggs,” B. Schaefer said. We’re sold!

4. Kitchen Maestro Pizza Scissors


Speaking of single-use kitchen gadgets, here’s one of our faves. This pizza cutter and server combination allows you to cut and serve with just one utensil. 

Of course, most people are content to just use a standard pizza cutter and their hands to accomplish the same feat. At least this product only costs $12.

Reviews range from very disappointed to somewhat disappointed. Even the five-star reviews mention that the pizza scissors are a little bulkier than they’d like. 

5. Pet Petter


For the busy pet owner, there’s now a product that ensures your furry friend still gets attention. Introducing, the Pet Petter.

Thankfully, this ridiculous invention doesn’t exist and this is just a gag box. You can put a real gift inside the hilarious packaging and watch as the recipient tries to figure out what is going on. 

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