Pamela is a woman who has a physical issue that has caused her problems throughout adulthood. She has a rather large nose, and it’s caused problems. She was bullied, mocked, and teased because of her nose.

It’s led to isolation, depression, and basically made her extremely self-conscious. She’d always dreamed of having a regular-sized nose.

Unfortunately, nose jobs are very expensive and Pamela couldn’t afford it. She thought she would just have to suffer through life with a larger-than-average nose. She thought that she would have to continue living in isolation. Amazingly, a miracle was about to happen.

Pamela appeared on the television show “The Doctors,” and the set her up with a surgery that would change her nose, change her face, and change her self-esteem.

Over the next three months, she would undergo laser surgery and other treatments to make her nose a normal size. She was initially skeptical that such treatments would have an impact and worried that her nose was beyond repair.

When the treatments were finished and she returned to the show, the audience was completely shocked. Pamela looked like an entirely different person! She said that the treatments had changed everything about her life.

Far from being timid and isolated, she was now social and proud to go outside. The stares and whispers she used to get about her nose were gone. Now, she looked like a normal woman.

This transformation is incredibly dramatic. We’re so happy that Pamela was able to fix a problem that had kept her back socially. Hopefully her positivity continues well into the future. Great job, everyone!