There’s nothing more difficult than putting a child up for adoption. Parents struggle with the decision of keeping their child versus giving the baby up and hoping it has a better life. Both parent and child will spend a lifetime wondering what might have been.

Christine Tallady was put in this difficult position back in 1985, when she was forced to give up her baby son for adoption. As a single mother, she simply could not afford to take care of her son. She struggled with the decision, but knew that she was not ready to be a mother. While she had to give up her son, she never stopped thinking of him or wondering what happened to him.

It turned out that her son was adopted by a couple named Pat and Lois Flaig. This couple gave her son, Steve, a good home. But Steve was always curious about his biological mother. When he turned 18, he began to seek information about her in the hopes of potentially tracking her down. Eventually, he was able to get his mother’s name from the adoption agency and began searching for her. Unfortunately, his search would come up empty, much to his frustration.

After two years of fruitless searching, Steve made an important discovery — he had been spelling his birth mother’s name wrong. He had been searching for Christine Talladay when he should have been searching for Christine Tallady. Suddenly, he was getting results. To him amazement, she actually lived not far from the Lowe’s store where he worked!

He was talking about this discovery to his boss when his boss said something stunning. He told Steve that Christine Tallady worked at that very Lowe’s! She had actually been hired recently as head cashier. Steve knew her and had talked with her a few times, not realizing this was his birth mother. He couldn’t believe that they actually worked with one another.

Steve told the adoption agency, who then contacted Tallady, asking if she wanted to be reunited with her son. She immediately said yes and learned who he was. She immediately knew exactly who they talking about and was overjoyed with the discovery.

The two are now spending time together, looking to build a relationship. Steve’s adopted parents are happy that their son was able to find his birth mother. Christine had two other children, so Steve now has siblings along with a mother. What an incredibly story!