Nearly a decade ago, this military wife and mother of three, Lori, was diagnosed with severe periodontal disease, and she experienced an extreme recession of her gums and loss of bone in her upper and lower jaws.

Her condition worsened drastically over the past three years, but Lori said her husband, Matt, has always been there to help her through it. So while her soldier husband was stationed in Kuwait for several months, she decided to undergo a dramatic transformation.

She contacted the TV show The Doctors in hopes that they could help with her makeover, and they agreed. She explained that as much as her condition affected her physically, it affected her emotionally even more.

“Losing my teeth changed everything,” she said. “People look at you differently. They automatically assume that you’re uneducated. I’ve heard people in the background say that I’m a meth addict, and I don’t do drugs.”

She also was only able to eat soft foods like mashed potatoes, soup, and beans because she was missing most of her teeth, and eating had become painful for her.

So, the team at The Doctors set her up with a highly-skilled cosmetic dentist and team of oral surgeons, and they were able to give her a full makeover with dental implants.

Lori was also treated to a spa day at the salon with a celebrity hairstylist to make her feel pampered and beautiful, and then she appeared on The Doctors to show off her new smile. She also mentioned that Matt wasn’t supposed to return home for another four months, and she couldn’t wait for him to see the makeover.

But before she got the chance to surprise him with her transformation, he surprised her by coming out from backstage. Both Matt and Lori were clearly overjoyed to see each other, and he couldn’t stop admiring his wife’s brand new smile.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the show also paid for the couple, who had never had a honeymoon because of Matt’s military service, to go on an all-expenses-paid vacation to Costa Rica.