Men Want These 5 Traits In The Lady Of Their Dreams

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Every man has a different image in his head of what the ideal woman looks like physically. Surprisingly, most men agree on what makes women great partners on an emotional and mental level.

Men want someone who will treat them well and be on their side as they face difficulties through life. They also want a woman who is interesting enough to spend the rest of their life with. Here are the five traits that men look for in the perfect woman.

1. Loyalty

No one wants to worry about their significant other cozying up to coworkers or a new face at a party. That’s why loyalty is a quality that both men and women look for in the ideal partner.

Of course, loyalty isn’t as simple as always agreeing with and being faithful to your partner. Sometimes a woman can show great loyalty by disagreeing with you or pointing out something that you’d be better off not doing. True loyalty can demand tough love occasionally. 


2. Sense of Humor

If you’re going to grow old together, you’re going to need to laugh a lot. It’s easy to fake laughter at someone’s bad jokes when you’re in a new relationship. That becomes harder during difficult times when you may not be getting along so well.

That doesn’t mean you have to instantly love someone’s sense of humor to be a couple. If you truly care about them, you can invest yourself more in how their mind works.

Over time, you can learn to find your partner’s jokes funny if you try to see where they’re coming from. Putting in extra energy to understand them will bring you closer and give you insight into your potential mate.


3. Confidence

People all over the world appreciate someone who can confidently get things done. That doesn’t mean we appreciate over-confident, incompetent people.

There’s just something nice about someone who is comfortable in their own skin. People get knocked down enough in life, so it’s great to have someone who’s standing proud next to you.


4. Affection

Nothing replaces the connection that couples create through touch. Whether it’s a hug, caress, or passionate kiss, skin-to-skin contact creates a strong bond between two people.

Having a partner who is affectionate ensures that you will be able to connect even when words fail the situation. A hug can replace a thousand words in times of joy, grief, or even simple contentedness. That’s a powerful thing.


5. Compassion

Sure, it can be fun to make snarky comments about people who you and your partner both dislike. That being said, men love women who have soft hearts and look out for other people.

Having a compassionate sidekick means you’ll always have an understanding ally through tough times. Most people realize that compassion and empathy are a lot more useful in a relationship than sarcasm and snarkiness. 


Of course, every man has different specific desires, and there’s no secret formula to being the ideal woman.

The bottom line is that men want an interesting woman who cares deeply about them. Women who can confidently be themselves while loving their partner will easily fill that role.

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