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From the moment that dancing baby hit the Internet, the world fell in love with memes. And what’s not to love? Along with providing a few belly laughs, they also give you the perfect dose of snark, especially when you can’t find the right words yourself.   

If you’ve fallen in love with a meme and need more of it in your life, you’re in luck: Amazon is full of meme-inspired products you never knew you needed, but now must acquire at all costs. From laser cat swimming shorts to jewelry that declares your relationship status, this list has it all.

1. Block it all out with the shades that started the meme.

You’ve seen them superimposed on babies. They’ve been reported as a favorite among dogs. Now, you can wear them yourself. Behold, the Deal With It sunglasses by Swagasaurus Rex. Show friends and strangers alike that you’re savage and indifferent when you wear these eight-bit shades.

Black frames and gray lenses with a see-through pixel design makes it look like you just stepped out of a meme and are ready to go beast mode. Wearers claim the decorative pixels don’t block their vision, and the shades fit most teenagers and adults. These are perfect for your next gaming event…or any event, actually. When you simply want to show how much of a boss you are, these glasses are the way to go.

Deal With It Sunglasses, $17.99 from Amazon

2. Curl up with a doge, and we don’t mean the chief magistrate of medieval Venice.

Do you dream of doge? Like, as in the internet-famous misspelling of the word “dog,” not as in, like, the leader of the Republic of Venice between 726 and 1797? If so, this doge head pillow may be just what you need to get your doze on. Decorate your bed or couch with the fluffy face of a gigantic Shiba Inu.

With large eyes, an adorable nose, and a sweet, smushy face, this pillow is sure to please the doge-lover in your life—unless they’re expecting some medieval Italian political stuff, in which case, the doge-lover in your life will be very disappointed.

Doge Head Pillow, $20.99 from Amazon

3. This cat’s got your, er, toiletries.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have an obese feline stare at you while you’re grooming yourself, you don’t have to wait any longer. This toiletry kit features an image of the legendary Heavy Breathing Cat, so you can experience the creepy feeling that someone is watching you get ready for the day.

Lightweight and waterproof, this polyester bag is ideal for storing shampoo, soap, shaving cream, makeup, and other toiletries, whether you’re taking a trip or just going to the gym. Pockets and mesh dividers allow you to safely carry items of different sizes and keep your belongings separate. Don’t carry your makeup and must-haves in an ordinary bag; let your feline flag fly with this slightly unsettling option.

Heavy Breathing Cat Travel Cosmetic Organizer, $32.68 from Amazon

4. This is perhaps the best outcome of a Dr. Phil show possible.

What started as a cringe-worthy appearance on Dr. Phil turned into a meme extravaganza for Danielle Bregoli, a.k.a., “Cash Me Outside Girl.” Bregoli appeared on the talk show in December of 2016 with her mother as an “out-of-control” 13-year-old.

The teenager became a viral sensation when she challenged naysayers in the audience with her trademark phrase: “Cash me outside, how ‘bout that?” The question became internet gold, so now you can use it to welcome guests to your home with a “Cash Me Outside” doormat. Just don’t use it indoors. That would ruin the joke.

Cash Me Outside Doormat, $26.99 from Amazon

5. Sample a little of Kermit the Frog’s online swagger.

Sip your tea or coffee while staying in the judgment-free zone with this None of My Business mug. Featuring Kermit the Frog enjoying a nice warm cuppa, this mug epitomizes staying out of drama and minding your own beeswax.

Just kidding, it’s just a way to subtly underscore a diss. Oh well. Know when your drink is the right temperature and perform some undercover shade-throwing with this color-changing mug that turns dark when cold.

None of My Business Mug, $29.95 from Amazon

6. You’ll never give up on this adult coloring book.

When the going gets tough, the tough get dancing. And when you’re shaking your groove thang to Rick Astley tunes, your mood is sure to change. But if you can’t stop what you’re doing and get down with your jam, this Rick Astley adult coloring book is the next best thing.

Learn about the different things the British crooner would never do to you, like make you cry, say goodbye, tell a lie, and, of course, give you up, all while channeling your inner artist. Let your troubles melt away as you spend some self-care time coloring the 1980s pop star.

Rick Astley Adult Coloring Book, $10 from Amazon

7. Show you don’t mind going stag with this necklace.

Being alone isn’t a bad thing. Heck, you can even flaunt it with this Forever Alone meme pendant.

Celebrate your solitude and love your loneliness with this sketchy face that has graced an assortment of memes all over the internet. Made of stainless steel, this conversation starter is sure to earn you some laughs, and possibly a few new friends.

Forever Alone Meme Pendant, $12.99 from Amazon

8. Check out this overly attached T-shirt.

You could argue she put her face on your clothes so you wouldn’t forget you’re taken. Either way, wearing this overly attached girlfriend t-shirt is sure to earn you some street cred in the meme-loving world.

Vlogger Laina Morris got more than she bargained for when she posted a video of her performing a parody rendition of the Justin Bieber song, Girlfriend. In the clip, Morris hilariously rapped about the creepy behaviors she would display if only she were Bieber’s girlfriend. Instantly, screenshots of the video—in which Morris made her best stalker face—appeared online with creepy captions portraying her as an overbearing, jealous, and insecure girlfriend. Available in blue, black, navy, and purple, this shirt is sure to keep the overly attached person in your life feeling secure.

Overly Attached Girlfriend T-shirt, $16.99 from Amazon

9. Here’s a pillowcase that shows your excitement.

When you’re so excited you just can’t find the words, the Ermahgerd meme can do the talking for you. And when you’re so comfortable you can’t be bothered to enunciate, this pillow cover gets the job done.

This throw case bears the image of Ermahgerd Girl, along with her immortal words: “Ermahgerd Ser Cermferterbl,” which, if you don’t speak Ermahgerd, translates as, “Oh my God, so comfortable.” Kick back and have a laugh with this one-of-a-kind pillowcase.

Ermahgerd Pillow Case, $5.49 from Amazon

10. You can’t get more cowbell than this.

If you’ve got a fever and the only prescription to cure it is more cowbell, consider yourself healed, because this is about the most cowbell you can get: a cowbell that says “More Cowbell.”

Taken directly from the Saturday Night Live skit, the More Cowbell meme is the perfect response when something needs more emphasis…or just more cowbell.

More Cowbell Cowbell, $14.99 from Amazon

11. Snuggle up to your favorite meme monster.

Whether it is chasing adorable kittens or just exposing its terrifying white teeth, the Domo is perhaps the fluffiest and cutest monster that has ever been turned into a meme. Now you can snuggle up to the internet star with this Domo plush doll.

Measuring in at 16 inches tall, this large plush depiction of the mysterious creature that was hatched from an egg is ready to become a part of your meme-inspired products collection. Just be careful, or Domo will eat everything you own, all while displaying a sense of cheerful wonderment.

Domo Plush Doll, $36.99 from Amazon

12. This t-shirt lets everyone know how it was.

Show everyone you have no regrets with this hilarious t-shirt that depicts the popular saying “It was lit, fam,” but inscribed on a gravestone.

So although you may not have made it out alive, at least you had a good time. And after all, that’s what life is about, right? Available in sizes from small to XXL, this comfy shirt lets everyone know it was all worth it.

It Was Lit Fam T-shirt, $27.95 from Amazon

13. This face mask says it all.

When you can’t find the right words to properly display your annoyance or sarcasm, give this Yao Ming mask a try. Online, people use the retired basketball star’s sketched face by itself or with a witty caption to dismiss another poster’s comments. Now, you can make the same statement IRL.  

Based off of a photograph captured during a 2009 press conference, Ming’s face features a large grin that is now the perfect way to show your displeasure. You can rock the sarcastic smile like a boss with this mask—it’s perfect for a costume party or whenever you want to show the world how you’re really feeling.

Yao Ming Meme Face, $24.99 from Amazon  

14. Y U NO have this sticker?

When you don’t understand and you’re not getting the answers you need, it’s perfectly understandable to get frustrated. But instead of showing your anger in a way that could get you into trouble, do it with this Y U NO Guy sticker.

Featuring a face that brims with frustration and pleading stick arms, this guy is all of us when we just don’t get it. This black vinyl sticker is perfect for your vehicle, laptop, or anywhere you need a laugh.

Y U NO Guy Sticker, $4.99 from Amazon

15. These sticky notes are ideal for philosophical thoughts.

Sometimes, the words of a dinosaur are all you need to dig into the really deep thoughts. For instance, is there another word for synonym? And if humans have nightmares, do vampires have daymares? You can ponder all of these conundrums and more with these Philosoraptor meme sticky notes.

Featuring the green dino in his trademark thinking pose with a dialogue cloud above him, these notes allow you to add your own pressing questions to the Philosoraptor canon.  

Philosoraptor Meme Sticky Notes, $6.99 from Amazon

16. You’ll want this t-shirt to belong to you.

Back in the 1980s, the opening dialogue of an arcade game called Zero Wing featured some awkwardly translated text that was destined for internet fame. There was one phrase in particular that stood out. Today, you’ll find it on hats, in writing, and on this awesome t-shirt.

“All your base are belong to us” was part of the text between two characters in this 16-bit scrolling shooter game. The mistranslation is clearly so bad it’s great. Go ahead and rock a t-shirt that features the classic saying over another internet sensation: the Illuminati symbol. Available in red, pink, silver, grey, and white, this t-shirt is a must-have for vintage gamers, or just for anyone who’s been on the internet ever.

All Your Base are Belong to Us T-shirt, $19.99 from Amazon

17. Here’s a t-shirt that will make you question everything.

Have you ever seen a double rainbow so beautiful it made you cry? Fortunately for the internet, YouTuber Paul Vasquez has, and the result is magical. After recording a video of the colorful sight in Yosemite National Park, Vasquez uploaded it to his page. A few months later, Jimmy Kimmel found the video, and the rest is history. Show your affinity for rainbows and question what their presence means with this hilarious t-shirt.

This graphic tee features two rainbows and the classic Vasquez quote “OMG! What does it mean?” It’s available in pink, grey, lemon, baby blue, and white. Get yours and celebrate the beauty of nature—and memes.

Double Rainbow T-shirt, $13.99 from Amazon

18. If not for bad luck, this t-shirt wouldn’t have any luck at all.

Poor, poor Bad Luck Brian. This affable teenager seems to bring misfortune along with him wherever he goes, and the July 4 holiday is no exception. Commiserate with this Bad Luck Brian Independence Day t-shirt.

This lightweight, classic-fit garment features Brian in all his glory. The caption reads, “Buys all the fireworks, forgets lighter,” in true Bad-Luck-Brian meme style. Clad in plaid and rocking a serious brace-face, Brian is all of us on those days when we feel like everything we touch turns into a mess. Celebrate the holiday with this meme-tastic shirt!

Bad Luck Brian T-shirt, $19.99 from Amazon

19. This sticker proves your vehicle is herp, er, hip.

Straight from the collective minds of the creators of the show South Park, the term “derp” is used as a way to expresses the stupidity of something. You may find the word by itself or accompanied by a sketched face with wild eyes.

Slap this on your vehicle to let other drivers know you are a meme magician. This eight-inch-wide sticker is easy to apply, and the seller claims it won’t crack or fade for a few years. Make your vehicle part of the meme revolution with this flashy sticker.

Herp Derp Sticker, $7.98 from Amazon

20. Did you really ever wear this shirt?

It turns out that if you grew up reading The Berenstein Bears, there’s a chance you actually read The Berenstain Bears, instead. Confused? You’re not alone. Thanks to a little something called the Mandela Effect, it turns out that you—and many others—often experience false memories.

For instance, many readers claim the book’s title used to include the word “Berenstein,” with an “e,” as opposed to its current spelling of “Berenstain,” with an “a.” Whichever way you remember it, this t-shirt that replaces the questioned vowel with a hashtag instead is pure genius. Show the world you’re a meme expert with this hilarious shirt that comes in youth, medium, and large sizes.

Mandela Effect T-shirt, $19.99 from Amazon

21. Have your lunch and enjoy carrying it, too.

What has a body shaped like a Pop Tart and leaves a trail of rainbows in its wake? Why, the Nyan Cat, of course, and you can carry your next meal in style with this Nyan Cat lunch tote.

Made from 100 percent high-quality polyester, this cat-tastic carrier features the fashionable feline soaring through the sky, leaving colorful rainbows behind. And with a shoulder strap and comfortable handles, this lunch tote is the cat’s meow.

Nyan Cat Lunch Tote, $8.29 from Amazon

22. With this phone stand, you’ll always have a great excuse.

The beauty of text messaging is that you don’t actually have to respond. The only trouble is, people tend to get upset when you ignore them…unless you pretend you don’t know who they are.

Necessity is the mother of meme-vention, so now we have this phrase: “New phone, who dis?” If you have trouble remembering these magic words, this PopSockets phone grip is here to remind you. For use on phones and tablets, this sturdy and collapsible holder not only makes using your device easier, it also sends an analog message to friends and strangers alike.

New Phone, Who Dis PopSockets Grip and Stand, $11.79 from Amazon

23. There’s nothing awkward about this cute plushie.

What’s one part awkward and one million parts absolutely adorable? The Awkward Seal, of course. Featuring a cute and cuddly seal with a face you’ll recognize from your own last uncomfortable situation, the meme is often accompanied by a caption that brings up awkward encounters.

Face your own weird moments with the help of this Awkward Seal Plush Toy. Made of high-quality and soft polyester, this cuddly stuffed animal is perfect for someone who always finds themselves in an uncomfortable encounter and needs some support.

Awkward Seal Plush, $20 from Amazon

24. Llama lovers, these socks are for you.

Llamas have always been known for their majestic hair, large teeth, and sheer coolness. As such, they are perfectly suited for a life in the meme world. You’ve likely seen a llama meme or two that has made you smile, but that’s nothing compared to what you’ll experience when you give these colorful socks a try.

Featuring multiple images of a fabulous llama wearing sunglasses, these socks are comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. With a reinforced heel and toe, they should stick around for a long time, too. Wear them next time you’re rocking shorts or just feel like having a few swaggy llamas adorning your feet.

Rainbow Cool Llama Socks, $8.45 from Amazon

25. These board shorts are lit…by lasers, that is.

Express your love for memes while getting your swim on with these Laser Cat board shorts. These quick-dry trunks feature a larger-than-life kitten standing on its back legs and shooting lasers out of its eyes, all in front of a star-studded galaxy complete with a (potentially recognizable) spaceship.

Store your must-haves in front and back pockets and stay comfortable with the shorts’ elastic waist. Why wear ordinary swim shorts when you can flaunt a pair that is out of this world?

Laser Cat Board Shorts, $8 to $23.98 from Amazon

26. Hey girl, you need this mug.

Start your day off the right way: staring into the eyes of Ryan Gosling. All you need is this handy-dandy Hey Girl mug.

Memes of encouragement featuring Gosling’s face and the words “Hey Girl” have resonated with just about everyone, whether they’re huge Gosling fans or not. Now you can enjoy your morning brew with a 15-ounce white mug that features a minimalist image of the actor wearing glasses. The seller claims the print will never fade, and assures us that the mug is safe for the dishwasher and the microwave. Let Gosling and his inspirational words guide you while you enjoy your beverage.

Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” Mug, $16.95 from Amazon

27. These earrings are anything but awkward.

If being socially awkward had a mascot, this penguin would be it. Perhaps you’ve seen this hurried penguin who wants to get away—and get away now—on memes that caption awkward social situations. If you feel like this flightless bird is your spirit animal, then these are for you.

These silver stud earrings feature a high-resolution image of the flustered penguin hightailing it out of its latest uncomfortable situation, against a background of assorted shades of blue. Hypoallergenic, the pendant earrings are safe for anyone with sensitive ears. Grab them for the penguin lover in your life—or anyone you feel can make a connection with the awkward bird.

Socially Awkward Penguin Earrings, $2.98 from Amazon

28. Check out a patch that will have you squealing, “Yee!”

If you’ve got a soft spot for dinosaur memes—and who doesn’t?—then you may be looking for a way to showcase your admiration for these stars of prehistory. If so, you’re all set with this patch.

Taken from the Italian language version of the movie Dinosaur Adventure, “yee” is the sound one of the characters in the film makes. But because the sound and timing of its appearance in the movie is so odd, the internet decided to make something truly special out of it. Now you can make something special yourself with an applique patch. Iron or sew it onto just about any fabric. Take your wardrobe to the next level with this meme-inspired patch.

Yee Dinosaur Patch, $9.06 from Amazon

29. Live Pug Life—and Lunch Life—with this tote.

When it comes to dog breeds, it doesn’t get much cuter than the pug. And when you’re talking about memes, they don’t get much better than Pug Life. Featuring cute pug faces that are adorned with accessories like sunglasses and bandanas, these comical canines are the epitome of life goals. Now you can pack your lunch like a boss—and look good carrying it—with this Fit & Fresh Pug Life Hadley Lunch Bag Kit.

The outside of the bag features a cartoon image of a sweet pug wearing shades. Inside, you’ll find a lunch pod with a reusable ice pack that snaps into the lid, along with two single-cup containers. Pack yourself or your child a healthy lunch that tastes as good as this lunch pouch looks!

Fit & Fresh Pug Life Hadley Lunch Bag Kit, $19.99 from Amazon

30. Chuck Norris approves of this birthday card.

When it comes to meme captions, those that concern Chuck Norris are some of the best. For instance: “Chuck Norris built the hospital…that he was born in.” And then there’s: “The flu has to get Chuck Norris shots once a year.” The point is, memes featuring the martial arts expert and actor are always good for a hearty belly laugh. You can keep the giggles going with this Chuck Norris birthday card.

Nothing says “happy birthday” better than a card that features a cartoon Chuck Norris in full action-movie mode…and a party hat. Treat the birthday boy or girl in your life to this hilarious card that says, “It’s your birthday. Chuck Norris approves. You may now celebrate.”

Chuck Norris Birthday Card, $10.99 from Amazon

31. This sweatshirt is worth biting for.

What do you get when you combine two adorable brothers, a finger, and some teeth? The Charlie Bit Me meme, of course. This internet tale begins when toddler Henry inserts his finger into his baby brother Charlie’s mouth. As you may imagine, the inevitable occurs, and the wee babe chomps down on his sibling’s finger.

Hilarity ensues as Henry laments over his brother’s bite and says, accurately enough, “Charlie bit me.” Feel Henry’s pain and show your support of sweet memes with this sweatshirt from Classic Press. Made from a cotton and polyester blend, this crewneck features a drawing of the two brothers’ faces along with poor Henry’s famous words. Available in black or navy, this sweatshirt proves you shouldn’t put anything in a 1-year-old’s mouth unless you’re prepared for a bite.

Charlie Bit Me sweatshirt, $27.95 to $30.95 from Amazon

32. This plush squirrel is nuts.

When you stop to take a timed photo in nature, you never know what kind of image you’re going to capture. Such was the case for a Minnesota couple who tried to snap a picture of themselves in Canada’s Banff National Park, only to have a curious squirrel steal the shot.

Intrigued by the camera, the ground squirrel stood up on its hind legs to investigate. Lucky for the internet, the camera went off at the right time, and a star was born. Nicknamed “Nuts,” this photogenic squirrel can be yours to own in plush form with this official Beanie Baby from Ty.

Soft and cozy, this stuffed version of the popular squirrel poses just like the original. Bring some laughter into your life by introducing this four-legged friend to your stuffed animal posse.

Nuts the Squirrel Beanie Baby from TY, $5.84 from Amazon

33. Get this phone grip before it gets you.

One of the best older-sibling-sadism games of all time has finally taken on a life of its own in the meme world. Played in schoolyards across the nation in the 1980s, the Circle Game started when you surreptitiously touched thumb and forefinger to form an “O.”

If you caught a friend—or, better yet, a little brother—glancing at your gesture, you “got to” punch them in arm, punishment-free. You may have visited web pages that are dedicated to hiding the sneaky sign. Now it has found its way onto a PopSockets phone grip.

Grip your phone securely, take better selfies, and make your friends look with this collapsible grip that also doubles as a stand.

Gotcha Game PopSockets, $12.95 from Amazon