Man Sues Woman After Date Because She Was Texting While They Watched Movie

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In the latest installment of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the hyper-literal hero named Drax philosophizes about relationships, saying, “When you’re ugly and someone loves you, it means they love you for who you are.”

Well, this average-looking Austin man discovered that his date didn’t particularly like him for who he revealed himself to be while on a first date.

Communications consultant Brandon Vezmar took a woman — who for some reason wishes to remain anonymous — to a 3D showing of “Guardians of the Galaxy II” on the film’s opening weekend. Vezmar bought the tickets and even threw in for a slice of pizza for his date.

Brandon Vezmar/Facebook

Going to a movie is a strange choice for a first date, it’s like saying, “I think I’d like to be near you but I don’t want to talk to you for at least a couple of hours.” Everyone has a different approach to dating though, and both parties agreed to go, so who are we to judge their poor decision?

Fifteen minutes into the movie, according to Vezmar, the woman took out her cell phone and started reading and responding to text messages. Over the next 15 minute or so, she used her phone 10-20 times.

Quartz Media

“This is like one of my biggest pet peeves,” Vezmar told the Austin-based American-Statesman. The 37-year-old says that he asked the date to stop texting. When she refused, he suggested she continue her texting in the theater’s lobby where her actions wouldn’t be so distracting.

The woman took his advice and walked to the lobby — and out the front door and to her car and drove herself home — effectively leaving Vezmar stranded at the theater.


For further context, the woman explained to the Statesman that she had her phone low and that she was consoling a friend who was having troubles with a boyfriend.

Two days later, Vezmar was still steaming about what he described as “A first date from hell.” The Austin man texted the woman, demanding that she reimburse him for the cost of her movie ticket, $17.31. He then revealed his true, entitled side by threatening to take her to court over the issue.


When the woman responded that Vezmar’s threat “was insane,” he went on to contact the woman’s little sister, attempting to coerce the sibling into returning the $17, which he willfully spent with no contractual obligations.

Jezebel — a woman-focused publication — responded to this story, granting that texting during movies isn’t cool, but they had a more critical analysis, too:

“Persistently harassing someone to the point of bringing a lawyer and national attention to your “cause” doesn’t make you a hero striking back against rude theatre goers everywhere; it makes you a controlling a-hole.”

In an article noting that the theater has since offered to give Vezmar a gift certificate for the cost of the woman’s ticket in order to keep the superfluous lawsuit out of Texas’ crowded court system, a reader with the user name Shannon.atx had another important perspective:

“This enables men to be aggressive towards women and validates his behavior. Texting during a movie doesn’t give that guy the “right” to harass her and her sister. She owes him nothing.”

While Vezmar’s case lends itself to a catchy headline, all of this attention has simply revealed who he really is inside – a creepy bro.

Ultimately, Vezmar could use the advice that Drax gives Peter Quill in the latest “Guardians” movie: Brandon, “You need to find a woman who’s pathetic, like you.”

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