When most people thing of man’s best friend, they typically think of a dog. But in this man’s case, his best friend is an orphaned squirrel he rescued when it was just a baby.

Tadeusz Lubiarz, a resident of Poland, told local news outlet TVN that he was out walking his dogs one day when he saw something fall near his feet and begin moving. Upon closer inspection, he found that it was actually an infant squirrel that was the “size of a shoelace.”

Lubiarz feared that the orphaned baby squirrel, injured after falling from the tree, wouldn’t survive, so he took him in and began caring for him himself. He even gave the little guy a name: Pitek.

He brought Pitek home and began feeding him special milk to help him recover, and as the squirrel grew up he became attached to his human. He has his own room in the house where he can run free, and he spends most of his time perched on Lubiarz’s shoulder as they go for walks outside.

Lubiarz also explained that although Pitek is free to leave and go back to the forest whenever he wants, he chooses to stay because he loves his new home.