Michael Jackson was famous for his incredible dance moves. He did things on his feet that seemed to defy the laws of physics. Even though he’s been dead for several years, people still try to imitate these famous moves.

What they may not realize is that one small mistake can result in a big injury. This guy learned that lesson the hard way.

In the video, a man is in a circle of people doing his impersonation of Michael Jackson. He’s got the full “Beat It” get-up on and is showing off his moves. He’s doing a great job and the crowd is loving it. One overzealous crowd member is about to try to show up this impersonator with some sweet moves. He will wind up paying an awful price.

A chair gets pushed into the ring for this man to do a backflip. He runs over the chair, jumps off of it, and proceeds to land right on his neck. He lays there completely limp while everyone looks on.

The Michael Jackson impersonator pays this man no mind and continues dancing around the seemingly lifeless body. A smooth criminal, indeed.

It takes a few moments for people to realize that this guy might, in fact, be dead. They rush over to him and try to drag him out of the circle. In general, it’s best to not move someone with a serious neck injury, but that doesn’t stop them.

There’s no word on whether this guy lived or died, but he sure looks dead in the video. If he’s not dead, he’s almost certainly paralyzed. One thing is for sure — he’s never doing a backflip off a chair every again.