Baby laughs when parents kiss

Babies constantly have unexpected reactions to every day things as they learn more about the world. This adorable baby gets a kick out of his parents kissing. Every time they lean in to kiss, he breaks into uncontrollable giggles. This is probably the cutest thing you will see all day, especially when his parents can’t stop laughing at him laughing at them.

Jealous baby

This baby is much less amused when he sees dad kissing mom. In fact, he looks pretty jealous. Every time dad gives mom a kiss, he has to do the same. Eventually, he gets dad in on the action and gives him a kiss too. But mom is definitely his first love and the recipient of the majority of his affections. It’s all in good fun, though, as he giggles through the displays of affection.

Not a fan

This baby does not appear to be a fan of mom and daddy kissing at all. Every time they start to kiss, he yells until they stop. If they ignore him and keep kissing, he begins to pull mom’s hair to separate them. He will even go so far as to grab their faces to separate them. This guy doesn’t want to share his parents’ affections with anyone, even with each other.

Stop it

Here’s another baby that doesn’t want mom and dad smooching. Although, to be fair, they are making a lot of noise, which is kind of annoying. Maybe if they kept it down, the baby wouldn’t mind so much. Either way, she is determined to stop them from locking lips, going so far as to physically separate mom and dad herself. Unfortunately, that doesn’t totally work for her and they’re right back to kissing.