There are times when certain numbers seem to follow us around. This is especially common with the numbers 11:11, 9:11, and 21:21 on clocks. If you continuously seem to see these numbers wherever you go, it’s the universe trying to tell you something. That’s because these numbers have specific meanings.

The time 11:11 means that a person is about to embark on a new beginning. The person who sees this is generally going to have positive things happen in their future. It’s also a sign that a person should be ambitious in pursuing their goals.

The number one is closely associated with the Law of Attraction or the philosophy that “like attracts like.” When people see this time on the clock, they often report a sensation of their subconscious being unlocked. People often say they feel “lucky” after seeing a repeated sequence of ones.

If you notice this is on the clock, make a mental note of what you were thinking right before you saw it. This moment might be a sign that you should more deeply pursue whatever thought or feeling was in your head.

The numbers 9:11 have a different meaning. The number nine is associated with strong energy and leadership. It also can mean the end of something because nine is associated with completion.

When you see these numbers in association with one another, it may mean that a current job or project is ending with another beginning soon after. It’s a positive development in that it means your time is finished on that project and will be better spent elsewhere.

This may also be a sign that it’s time to begin giving back to your community. This could mean a career change, but it also may just mean looking for a volunteer opportunity that suits your talents.

If you’re using a 24-hour clock and you see the number 21:21, it means your energies may be converging. When this happens, a person is able to bend the universe to their will. This is a very powerful sign that good things will happen to you if you take the initiative to achieve them.

This pattern of numbers seems to find people who are at a crossroads in their life. If you are uncertain which path to take, seeing this number may be a sign that you’ll soon make a decision. Because this pattern is a positive sign, you can be sure that whatever you decide will be the right decision.

The pattern 21:21 is also a reminder to be grateful to the universe for what you have. By reflecting on the positives in your life, you will invite more positives into it. Take a moment to thank the universe for the blessings you have.

Knowing what number patterns mean is important to channeling the universe’s energy. These patterns are some of the clearest out there that the universe has a message for you. If you pay close attention, you’ll find the right path for you.