4 Jaw-Dropping Houses That Defy Belief

The inside of someone’s house can tell you a lot about them. Some people prefer a minimalist lifestyle with only the bare necessities, whereas others pack knickknacks and antiques into every nook and cranny. 

On the outside, though, most houses have some degree of conformity. Prevalent styles, shapes, and colors give neighborhoods a more or less consistent look. But that is definitely not the case with some homes.


These houses were built to turn heads, and they certainly do. Here are four incredible houses from around the world.

1. The Most Dangerous House in the World (Victoria, Australia)


Australia is a place where snakes, spiders, and other dangerous animals are lurking around every corner. That’s probably why Australians seem gutsier than the average person.

One such fearless couple hired an architecture firm to build this death-defying house on the side of a cliff. It has an amazing view, but it takes a strong stomach and a lot of faith in the builders to comfortably enjoy it. Fortunately, cantilever beams drilled deep into the side of the cliff ensure that this home won’t fall off into the ocean.

2. Mushroom House (Cincinnati, Ohio)


An architect named Terry Brown was interested in creating a unique second home for himself in 1992. Because he was a teacher at the Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, Brown enlisted the help of his students to remodel a small house he had purchased.

Over a 10-year period, Brown and 35 students created one of Cincinnati’s most beloved buildings. The so-called Mushroom House incorporates a wide variety of materials like wood, colored glass, and ceramics.

Circular and semi-circular windows dot the small structure, filling it with natural light. Although the house is fairly small (just 1,260 square feet), it is valued at over $200,000.  

3. Part-Time Greenhouse (England)

Promo Legno

This house has an amazing trick it can perform. During the times of the year when you want a full glass sunroom, the wooden exterior slides to the back of the house to reveal a greenhouse.

In the winter (or on hot summer days) the wooden outside can be pulled forward to offer more insulation. When the wood siding is pulled forward, it covers the sides and roof completely, leaving just a glass front to the house.

This unique house is located in England, where much of the year is cool or even chilly. Being able to convert a room to a greenhouse at a moment’s notice is a serious luxury that most Brits don’t have.

4. Haines Shoe House (Hellam Township, Pennsylvania)


Mahlon Haines built this distinct house in 1948 to promote his shoe business. Haines lived in the house for a short time but found that living in a shoe came with some practical difficulties, so he eventually moved to a house across the street.

After Haines moved out, he rented the house to newlyweds and other couples. The shoemaker died in 1962, but the various owners since then have continued to maintain this quirky home. The current owners give tours and sell ice cream in the world’s most famous shoe house.

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